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Beijing Calls for Olympic Songs
Beijing’s Promotional Film Wins Top Prize at International Gala
Beijing Calls for Olympic Songs(photo attached) [2004-11-30]
Beijing’s Promotional Film Wins Top Prize at International Gala(photo attached) [2004-11-30]
Beijing to Stop Soliciting Designs of Olympic Mascots on Dec.1 [2004-11-26]
NGO Helps Hotels’ Energy Saving Effort with Reminding Cards (photo attached) [2004-11-15]
Beijing Mayor Discusses Olympic Broadcasting with US TV Network NBC (photo attached) [2004-11-11]
Beijing Discusses City Development with Olympic Experts (photo attached) [2004-11-06]
Historical Relics Show Wins Hearts of Athens, Beijing (photos attached) [2004-11-05]
Beijing Forum Highlights High-tech Application in Olympics(photo attached) [2004-11-05]
Heiberg Visits BOCOG Partners (photos attached) [2004-11-04]
Heiberg: BOCOG to Establish “Partners Club” [2004-11-04]
Heiberg Speaks Highly of BOCOG Market Development [2004-11-04]
Athen lessons successfully shared in Beijing(photo attached) [2004-11-03]
Rogge confident of successful games in 2008 (photo attached) [2004-11-01]
President Hu: China prepares for 2008 Olympics(photo attached) [2004-11-01]
Beijing 2008: From plans to reality(photo attached) [2004-10-29]
The 3rd Meeting of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opens In Beijing (photo attached) [2004-10-28]
Schedule of Press Conferences During the 3rd Meeting of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games [2004-10-27]
IOC Coordination Commission to Meet in Beijing (Photo Attached) [2004-10-27]
Beijing Olympic TV Broadcast Formally Start (photo attached) [2004-10-27]
BOCOG Further Implements President Hu Jintao’s Directions on the Preparation for the Beijing Olympics (Photo Attached) [2004-10-11]
Sinopec Announced 2008 Olympic Games Partner(photo attached) [2004-10-11]
Countdown Clock toward Beijing 2008 Ticks in Heart of Beijing(photos attached) [2004-09-22]
“Beijing 2004 International Environment Seminar” opens (photo attached) [2004-09-16]
Beijing fights desertification with grass planting project [2004-09-07]
BOCOG President Inspects Athens Olympics Venues(photos attached) [2004-08-15]
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