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Registering Company’s Representation and Warranties

    Before filling out the Company Registration Form (the “Form”) for the Sponsorship Program or Licensing Program of the 29th Olympic Marketing Plan (the “Program”), the registering company (the “Company”) has fully understood the “Filling Description” of the Form and agrees to abide by it. Thus, the Company hereby voluntarily makes the following representation and warranties to Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (“BOCOG”):

    I. The Company has fully understood that filling the Form is only for the purpose of providing relevant information to BOCOG; it does not imply that the Company has obtained any approval to participate in the Program; it does not imply that any official application has been submitted by the Company to BOCOG for participating in the Program; it does not imply the establishment of the cooperation in any manner between BOCOG and the Company; it does not imply any authorization, license, or employment has been issued by BOCOG to the Company; it does not grant any preference to the Company against other competitors in the competition for the sponsors, suppliers or licensees of BOCOG.

    II. The Company hereby warrants that all the information filled out in the Form is true, accurate and complete. In addition, the Company hereby agrees that BOCOG has the right to verify the information via any legal means.   Should the information is proved to be fake or incomplete, the Form should become void automatically.  The Company shall be liable for any damages and losses thereby suffered by BOCOG.

    III. The Company hereby agrees that BOCOG has full right to unconditionally use all the information provided in the Form for the purpose of implementing the Program, without further approval by the Company. In addition, the Company hereby agrees that BOCOG will not be responsible or liable for any disclosure of the information provided in the Form, unless such information is disclosed by BOCOG intentionally for purposes irrelevant with the Program.

    IV. The Company hereby agrees that, since filling out the Form does not constitute any official application for participating in the Program, BOCOG has no obligation to contact or respond to the Company.

    V. The Company hereby warrants that, unless otherwise approved by BOCOG in advance in writing, it will not use any information in connection with BOCOG acquired from the Form-filling, disclose such information to any third party, or grant any third party to use such information.

    VI. The Company hereby warrants that it will not, at any time, in any place or through any manner, associate the Form-filling with any of its commercial or non-commercial market development or propaganda behaviors, and it will not imply, suggest or otherwise indicate any relationship between the Company and BOCOG, or the 29th Olympic Game, or the Program.

    VII. The Company hereby agrees that, the Form-filling, the consequence results hereof, and this Representation and Warranties are all governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
VII.  The Company hereby understands and confirms that it will abide by the marketing rules made or approved by the International Olympic Committee or BOCOG, once it is officially approved to participate in the Program.

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