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BOCOG Interviewed at the “Home of Beijing” in Athens
Liu Qi Visit the MPC and IBC
Athens Olympic Flame Relay Starts in Beijing [2004-06-09]
BOCOG Official Website to Broadcast Live Athens Torch Relay in Beijing [2004-06-08]
Athens Olympic Torch to Pass Through Beijing on June 9 [2004-06-08]
Athens Olympic Torch Makes it Debut at the Great Wall [2004-06-08]
Olympic Flame Arrives in Beijing(photos attached) [2004-06-08]
Athens Olympic Torch Arriving in Beijing [2004-06-07]
Athens Torch Relay in Beijing: Route and Order of Torchbearers Set (photo attached) [2004-06-07]
Athens Torch Relay in Beijing: Route and Order of Torchbearers Set (photo attached) [2004-06-07]
Hao Jianxiu Inspects Environmental Work in Olympic Construction (photo attached) [2004-06-04]
BOCOG Releases Proposals on Energy Saving for Air-conditioning (Full Text) [2004-06-03]
BOCOG Develops Environmental Management System (photo attached) [2004-06-02]
Agreements Signed for JV Company to Broadcast 2008 Games(photo attached) [2004-05-27]
Atos Origin Makes It to TOP 2004 – 2008 (Photo Attached) [2004-05-26]
General Electric Signs Partnership with Beijing 2008 (Photo Attached) [2004-05-26]
Beijing Cultural Relics Exhibition took Athens by Storm (photos attached) [2004-05-25]
Tri-lateral Principle Agreement of Relationship Signed by BOCOG, Qingdao Sailing Subcommittee and Qingdao Municipal Government(Photo Attached) [2004-05-25]
Foundation Laid for Qingdao International Sailing Center (Photo Attached) [2004-05-25]
'Fair Co-operation' --Liu Jingmin Discusses Beijing Olympic Economy [2004-05-25]
Outline of Wang Wei’s Speech at the 7th China Beijing International Hi-Tech Expo [2004-05-25]
Meeting between BOCOG and Working Group of IOC Coordination Commission Convened in Beijing (photo attached) [2004-05-24]
Meeting to Be Held in Beijing Between Working Group of IOC Coordination Commission and BOCOG [2004-05-23]
Olympic Flame from Athens to Light Beijing in June (photo attached) [2004-05-19]
Madagascan President Visits BOCOG (photos attached) [2004-05-17]
Proprietor Tendering for Two Olympic Venues Invites Global Bidders (photo attached) [2004-05-11]
Qingdao Unveils Specific Programs of Olympic Action Plan [2004-04-29]
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