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9.Industrial Development

      The cultural industry is a key rising industry that should obviously become stronger and more competitive by taking advantage of the business opportunities spawned by the Olympics. It should become a force to be reckoned with on the international market. Industries such as sports, media, exhibitions and the performing arts shall make some breakthroughs in their growths. Businesses in news and publications, in broadcasting and movie-making shall all aggressively expand themselves overseas so as to raise their name recognition on the international markets. A cultural market befitting Beijing’s status as the country’s cultural center shall be developed. The added value each year in the city’s cultural industry shall account for 10% of the GDP, making the cultural industry a key pillar of the economy in the nation’s capital.

      1. Sports Industry

      More support shall be given for the sports industry to ensure its upgrading and expansion. The development policy and structure for the sports industry will be further improved to integrate the various resources and allow the market and the capital to play their roles. The pace at which the sports get integrated with other industries such as information, culture, travel and others shall be accelerated. An area with concentrated sports and cultural facilities shall be developed in Beijing to put sports, recreation, travel services and shopping all together. A whole array of sports businesses, sports clubs and sports agencies shall be developed, and the ownership of these organizations is open to all. The gathering power of gymnasiums shall be fully tapped to improve the rate of their usage. Leveraging the opportunity of hosting key international and domestic sports events can help promote the consumption of sports tickets, sports lotteries, sports ads, sports souvenirs and other service products. The sports commodities shall be constantly upgraded and vigorously promoted. A string of international brands shall be developed in sports clothing, gymnasium equipment, sports books, newspapers, and audio and video products. The service quality and style shall be substantially improved in such fields as health skill training, tutoring, consulting, fitness testing, health assessment and sports recovery to keep meeting the growing needs for health and entertainment services.

      2. Media Industry

      Existing media enterprises shall be further reformed, restructured, expanded and developed. Cooperation and exchanges with international media companies shall be strengthened in the areas of management, human resources training, investment, and marketing so as to borrow from their successful experiences. Mergers, reorganizations and restructurings of media businesses shall be strongly encouraged across different industries and regions. Businesses in news and publications, as well as in broadcasting and film-making must make real progress in becoming bigger in terms of both size and influence. Efforts shall be made to create a few media companies that are not only among the best in China but also well known on the international market.

      The interaction between the media and the sports industries in Beijing shall be strengthened. The media’s advantages shall be used to promote the spirit in sports, push the citizens’ health campaign forward, seize the potential sports business opportunities, and develop a market for the sports culture. Meanwhile its own strength will be continuously augmented through the creation of new growths.

      3. Cultural Market

      A comprehensive cultural market is to be developed through the integration of resources, business maneouvering, and policy support. The markets for artistic performances, entertainment, audio/video products, film distribution and screening, art works, network culture, cultural relics, and books and other publications shall all be well developed. The Xuanwu Liulichang Cultural Industry Park shall be vigorously developed to establish an incubator of cultural businesses. Training will be strengthened to foster a number of cultural PR companies, agencies and management consulting firms that are good at dealing with foreigners. The design and development of Olympics-related products shall be strengthened and various cultural performances and entertainment events shall be organized both prior to and after the 2008 Olympics to meet the needs of both athletes and tourists. Regulation of the cultural market shall be tightened against pornography and other illegal publications. The spreading of pornography, gambling and drugs must be effectively stopped. Those infringing on others’ intellectual property rights must be punished to protection the interests of the lawful owners of the intellectual property rights. All this will serve to help create a healthy, prosperous, orderly and well regulated culture market.

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