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Three. Support Measures

      (One) Establish Innovation Notion to Promote the Prosperity and Progress of Beijing Sports

      Fully realize the tremendous political, economic and social effect of the Olympic Games, and establish the modern notion of sports development by integrating public sports, competition sports and sports industry into one. Beijing sports should be subordinate to and serve the economic construction and social progress and make use of their multiple functions and specific charm to make new contributions to the all-round economic, political and cultural prosperity in the capital city. With "Sports Make the Life Still Better" as the theme, give guidance to the people in establishing a scientific and rational notion on health consumption and advocate the new conception that health is quality, health is status, health is the opportunity for development, and health is the quality of life, laying a firm ideological foundation for the sustainable development of Beijing sports.

      (Two) Establish a Multi-Channel Fund-Raising Mechanism to Promote the Socialization of Sports and the Development of the Sports Industry

      Adhere to the direction for the socialization of sports and the development of the sports industry, encourage the whole society to invest in developing sports, encourage domestic or foreign enterprises and individuals to develop and operate sports businesses, and absorb incremental resources and revitalize the stock resources to the maximum extent. Make use of the market platform for financing and employ multiple financing methods to raise funds for sports development. Give full play to the functions of the sports lottery and the sports funds in raising funds, and encourage society and personages in all walks of life inside and outside China to give financial aid and donations to Beijing sports. In the course of promoting the socialization of sports and the development of the sports industry, establish and perfect the multi-channel and multi-form fund-raising mechanism that supports the development of Beijing sports.

      (Three) Give Play to the Scientific and Technological Advantage and Use Science and Technology to Support the Leap in the Development of the Sports

      Make use of the scientific and technological advantage in Beijing, integrate the scientific and technological resources and establish a new management system for sports science and technology. Give priority to training middle-aged and young sports scientists and technological expertise and academic leaders in a planned way and increase the overall strength and results of the sports science and technology in Beijing. Make still greater efforts to tackle the major scientific and technological problems and improve the scientific and technological services in the major aspects of the public sports and competition sports, and promote the application of high and new technological achievements in sports. Attach importance to the study of the human social science related to sports and organize studies of the major strategic and foresighted topics of overall importance to the development of Beijing sports. Raise the scientific research level of the national physique monitoring and testing, the scientific health-building methods and the healthy way of life and the application of new sciences and technologies in these aspects. Make greater efforts to tackle the scientific and technological problems and provide better services to the competition sports. Use advanced scientific and technological means to raise the level of choosing promising sports talents and training in the competition sports and the competition level with eyes on challenging Olympic gold medals. Exercise scientific research management with focus on the research topics, and increase input into and give priority support to crucial, frontier and basic research projects of overall importance through bidding within the country and the city, and encourage innovation. Strengthen the construction of the major sports scientific research bases and major laboratories, and ensure that the research equipment for sports science should be up to the world advanced level.

      (Four) Make Greater Efforts to Develop the Human Resources and Provide A Powerful Guarantee for Sports Talents.

      Give full play to Beijing's advantage of concentrated talented people and lively international exchanges to seek out the intellectual resources at home and abroad, select, train and employ high-quality, international and versatile gifted personnel to provide a reliable human support for the 2008 Olympic Games. Perfect the policies for the development of the human resources and create good environments for attracting gifted people. Encourage the attraction of famous coaches from other countries and employ noted foreign sports specialists and scholars. Select and send Beijing's coaches, sports administrators, sports scientists and sports competition organizers and mangers to other countries for advanced training. In the training of gifted athletes, send athletes with potential ability directly to sports developed countries, achieve the optimized allocation of sports resources and improve the quality and benefit of the training of the talented people.

      (Five) Strengthen the Sports Legal System and Promote the Process of Sports Legislation

      Strengthen the sports legislation, improve the quality of the sports legislation, establish and perfect the local sports laws and regulations to supplement the state laws and regulations. Formulate and implement the Beijing Municipal Physical Fitness Work Regulations, the Regulations concerning the Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights for the 2008 Olympic Games, the Beijing Regulations on the Management over Sports Facilities, and a number of other sports regulations and rules in relation to the Olympic Games. Strengthen the supervision over law enforcement, give wide publicity to the sports laws and regulations to enhance the consciousness of the public organizations and citizens on the sports legal system.

      (Six) Strengthen the Organizational Leadership in Earnest to Guarantee the Implementation of the Plan

      The Beijing Municipal Sports Administration, together with the departments of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Municipal Government related to the Olympic Games, will set up an office to coordinate the work of the Olympic Action Programme for Beijing Sports, organize and carry out all tasks specified by this plan. All district and county governments and the functional departments of the municipal sports administration should formulate supplementary plans for the implementation of the municipal plan to ensure the fulfillment of all tasks.

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