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8.Cultural Travel

      The tourism industry will be benefited the most directly by the 2008 Olympics. The Beijing Olympic Tourism Action Plan, developed and implemented by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, has identified the image of “an Ancient Capital in the East and the Homeland of the Great Wall” as the visual attraction for the Olympic tours. The construction of tourist sites, the development of tourism products and the tourism marketing efforts shall be effectively integrated to help make Beijing a first-class tourism city in the world, and the top tourism city in China. Efforts will be made to make sure that the city’s revenue from tourism will be increased in correspondence with the increasing number of tourists.

      1. Tourist resources

      China’s long history and rich culture have combined to bestow Beijing a full array of world-renowned historic and cultural heritages, a variety of famous tourist sites, many highly acclaimed cultural resources such as Beijing’s unique traditional lifestyle, folk art, and the Hutong residences. These tourist resources of the city shall be fully integrated so as to enjoy the advantages that can be gained when all these resources are presented as a whole to potential tourists. Meanwhile, each tourist area must also have its own unique features. The development of tourist streets and sites shall be planned from an overall point of view. Towards that end, the government shall make a comprehensive plan, and the businesses shall undertake the actual projects of packaging and developing the existing tourism resources into all sorts of distinctive but high-quality cultural tour programs. The key tourist routes such as the Lama Temple to Guozijian, Shishahai, the Summer Palace-Yuanmingyuan, Sanlitun Bar Street, Yabao-Xiushui Clothing Market, Hongqiao Market, Panjiayuan Second-hand Market and the Antique City, all of which already enjoy considerable scale and name recognition, shall be developed into the leading attractions in the Beijing cultural tours. An array of tourist sites and suburban tourist areas shall be aggressively developed to give them unique cultural features and strong standing in the market. The water systems, forest parks, theme parks, and sightseeing agricultural gardens shall be developed to meet the constantly growing need of both tourists and local residents for modern sports, leisure and entertainment. Pursuant to the Construction of Toilets in Beijing’s Tourist Sites, 700 toilets shall be modified, expanded or newly built in 143 tourist sites. Meanwhile, the regulation of travel agencies, hotels, tourist transportation companies and tourist sites themselves shall be strengthened, as will be the training of tourism professionals. All this is to comprehensively upgrade the quality of services in the tourism industry.

      2. Tourist Products and Commodities

      Series of tourist products shall be carefully designed and developed with a strong element of the Beijing culture but also imbued with the Olympic values. Tourist festivals represented by the Beijing International Tourist Culture Festival shall be further improved. The “Entering Beijing Citizens’ Home” tourist program shall be introduced and efforts will be exerted to make it a quality brand in the international tourism industry. A variety of tourism products designed around sightseeing, conferences and contests, vacations, business trips, academic studies, cultural explorations, technology, sports, ecological tours, and traditional customs shall all be improved. A Beijing Cultural Tours Manual in multiple languages shall be published. Inspiration shall be drawn from Beijing’s unique history and culture in the designing and development of tourism commodities. Commodities embodying the natural scenery, cultural and historical sites, traditional culture and folklores can all be put into different series. These commodities must be of high quality, enjoy a good reputation and rich in their cultural appeal. A Beijing cultural tour souvenir design Contest shall be organized, and the high-quality designs that can represent the city’s humanistic spirit and meet some real demands in the market shall be introduced.

      3. Tourism Promotion

      Effective marketing shall be achieved in part through cooperation with both international and domestic partners. Each year from 2004 onwards, 50 leading businessmen in the travel industry shall be invited to visit Beijing from major tourist source countries. Under the authorization of the Olympic Games Organization Committee, a counter shall be set up at each year’s international travel trade fair to promote the Beijing Olympics Tour. For major overseas tourist source markets, the Beijing Olympic Tour Ambassadors shall be introduced. Beijing Tour Exhibitions and Beijing Tourist Culture Week shall be held. In cooperation with the ticket agents of the International Olympic Committee, efforts will be made to sell 20% of the 2008 Olympic Games tickets overseas. While selling the tickets overseas, pre-Olympics travel packages and post-Olympics travel packages will also be presented. Hotel reservations and other services for the 2008 Olympics shall begin at the appropriate time. The promotion of Olympics-related travel packages shall be made part of our representative offices. Cooperation shall be enhanced with other cities that will host of some of the Olympics events as well as cities that are normally hot tourist destinations. Some tourist products related to the Olympics shall be jointly designed and jointly promoted.

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