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Green Olympics 2003 - Foreword

  Green Olympics is one of the Three Themes of Beijing 2008 Olympics. The main concepts of Green Olympics are to build an ecologically balanced city and create a pleasant environment for the 2008 Olympic Games; to minimize negative impact of Olympics on environment in line with the sustainable development ideas of protecting environment and resources, and ecological balance; and to implement education programs throughout the preparation and staging phases of the Olympics in order to raise the environmental awareness of the whole society and encourage the public to play an active role in the actions aimed at ecological environment improvement.

  Guided by the great idea of "Three Represents", in 2003, the Beijing Municipal Government and BOCOG worked together in the campaign of building an ecological Beijing and preparing for Green Olympics. Enormous efforts were made and remarkable progress achieved in the environmental improvement, management of Olympic environmental impact and enhancement of public awareness. This report focuses on the major achievements of Beijing in environment improvement and the major actions that BOCOG took in the year of 2003.

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