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BOCOG Issues Policy on Environmental Management System

      On April 7, 2004, BOCOG President Liu Qi signed and issued the Environmental policy of the BOCOG Environmental Management System. The policy requires BOCOG to fully implement the idea of “Green Olympics” in the process of preparing for and hosting the 2008 Olympic Games.

      Following is the translation of the Environmental Policy of the BOCOG Environmental Management System:

      Since the 1990s, environment has become the third pillar of Olympism along with sports and culture as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formulated the Olympic Movement Agenda 21 to guide the environmental protection efforts of the Olympic Movement.

      “Green Olympics” is one of the three main themes of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) seriously promised hereby, that during the preparation and hosting of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games:

      The BOCOG will conduct construction, marketing, procurement, logistics, accommodation, catering and large-scale activities for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games under the guidance of sustainable development principles so as to protect the environment, natural resources and ecological balance. The BOCOG will make its best efforts to minimize the negative impact on the environment and the ecological system.

      The BOCOG will actively support the government to enhance urban infrastructure development for environment protection, improve ecological environment of the city and promote sustainable and balanced development of economy, society and environment.

      The BOCOG will fully utilize the profound influence of the Olympic Movement to educate public, encourage public participation in and raise public awareness of environment protection.

      The BOCOG will leave a great legacy of environment protection to Beijing, China, and the world after the Olympic Games, including demonstration construction projects for green Olympics, a new environmental management mode for hosting large sports events, an effective mechanism of dynamic public participation in environment protection and continuous improvement of Beijing’s environment.

      In order to fulfill these commitments, the BOCOG will strictly abide by the environmental laws, regulations and rules of the Chinese government and Beijing Municipal Government. The BOCOG will adopt a new environmental management mode to meet higher requirements of environment protection. It will mobilize all games participants and the public to implement the idea of “Green Olympics”. The BOCOG will establish its own Environmental Management System according to ISO14001 principles. In addition, it will publicize the progress of implementing “Green Olympics” ideas every year.


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