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One. Strategic Conception

      Beijing's successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games has given Beijing sports a period of opportunity for development with the preparations for the Olympics as its main content and characteristic. In this period, Beijing sports should make unremitting efforts and make its due contribution to the building of the Capital into a well-off society in an all-round way and to ensuring its lead in accomplishing modernization by and large, to redeeming its promise of hosting the best ever Olympics in history, and to attaining an international advanced sports level that conforms to the standards for an Olympic host city and bringing benefit to the people. This Programme is formulated in order to give guidance and overall consideration to Beijing's PE and sports work during this period.

      One. Strategic Conception

      (One) Guiding Thought

      Beijing sports will take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as its guidance, use "New Beijing, Great Olympics" as its theme, give prominence to the idea of "Green Olympics, Scientific and Technological Olympics and People's Olympics", and make contributions to ensuring Beijing's lead in accomplishing modernization by and large and hosting the 2008 Olympics successfully by creating an international sports centre city.

      On the basis of the broad participation of the people of the whole city, Beijing sports will popularize the Olympic Movement, carry forward the Chinese sports spirit, promote its exchanges and integration with other parts of the country and the world and create a sports cultural environment compatible with the Olympic Games. While preparing for and hosting the Olympic Games, Beijing sports will organize rich, varied and colourful activities to enrich the cultural life of the masses, bring about an all-round improvement of the qualities of the children and young people, and promote the boom and development of the city's sports. Adhere to the road of reform and development, implement the National Physical Fitness Programme and the Programme for Olympic Honours in an all-round way as the base point for the work, promote the change of Beijing's sports development pattern from surpassing the advanced level in part of the sports to an overall improvement of all sports, the change of the management mode from direct and micro management to indirect and macro management, the change of the mode of participation from government mobilization to people's voluntary consumption. Beijing sports should display Beijing's elevation, Beijing's characteristics, Beijing's style and Beijing's manner as an important component part of the unique legacy left by the 2008 Olympics in Beijing to the Chinese and world sports and make an outstanding contribution to promoting the economic development, urban prosperity and social progress in the capital city in an all-round way.

      (Two) Strategic Goal

      Provide all-round top-notch services and support to the hosting of the best ever Olympics in history. Make the best use of the development opportunity period to develop sports for the benefit of all citizens of a well-off society at a still higher level, create the capital's new image of reform and opening, enrich the intension of the capital's cultural centre to add a new growth point to the city's economy. Ensure the active participation of all citizens in sports activities and the wide spread of the Olympic spirit. Make full use of the sports resources in Beijing to optimize the environment for sports development and to provide special services and support, such as sports venues, sports facilities, manpower, competition organizations, sports cultural activities and volunteers, to the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympic Games. All services and support will embody the principle of "giving fundamental consideration to the people's interests", safety, orderliness, convenience and quickness so that Beijing sports will be involved in the preparations for and hosting of the 2008 Olympics in a greater scope, in more fields and at a higher level in an effort to achieve the goal of using the Olympics to promote sports and using sports to promote the prosperity of the capital city.

      Make efforts to achieve a leap in the development of the city's sports. Make great efforts to raise the level of the competition sports, bring up a number of national outstanding coaches and scientific research personnel, train outstanding groups and top-notch athletes in a number of sports and events with good winning chances at world class tournaments, strive to rank Beijing' overall competition sports level among the top places in the country, strive to ensure that Beijing's athletes will win more Olympic gold medals than ever before and its overall sports strength will increase notably so that Beijing's competition sports will play an important role in displaying the city's image and the citizen's mental outlook. Accelerate the establishment and training of a high-quality contingent of tournament organizers and managers with the ability to organize major international sporting events and operate the sports market. Implement the National Physical Fitness Programme in real earnest to improve the physique and health of the citizens and establish a preliminary multi-purpose sports service system in the interest of and for the convenience of the citizens. Strengthen the legal system in sports, further the reform, speed up the socialization of sports and establishment of the sports industry and promote the sustainable development of sports in the city and notably raise the position and role of Beijing sports in the city's economic and social development.

      Make positive efforts to create an international sports centre city. With the preparations for and hosting of the 2008 Olympics as the turning point, take a broader part in the international sports development to raise Beijing's position in the international sphere, make sports a very active element in the development of Beijing into a modern international metropolis and build Beijing into an international sports centre city. After six years of efforts, Beijing should have first-class sports facilities, first-class sports talents, first-class resources for sports competitions and first-class sports industry and first-class legal environment for sports development. It should have large brand sporting events, sports clubs and sports stars with wide international influence. Its citizens will have healthy, scientific, civilized and modern notions of health and life, and attain a fairly high level of physique and health. And sports, leisure and health-building exercises will become an important part of their modern life style. A high percentage of sports-minded population, thriving sports consumption and fine sports cultural environments will turn Beijing into a centre city with influential international sports events, sports trade, sports science and technology, sports talents and exchange of technology and information.

      (Three) Strategic Principle

      After entering the period of opportunity for sports development with the preparations for and hosting of the Olympic Games as the main content and characteristic, Beijing sports will achieve "six combinations" in the six years to come:

      First, it will be combined with the successful hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is a grand sports gathering for the international Olympic Movement. It has provided a broad space and a rare historical opportunity for the development of Beijing sports and has set forth a new and still higher work objective for Beijing sports. Beijing sports will persist in using the Olympic Games to promote its development and in using the development to assist the Olympic Games", maintain high standards and high quality in fulfilling the assignments given by the Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games.

      Second, it will be combined with the creation of an international sports centre city. An international sports centre city is a modern sports city to be created with the new sports development concept of serving the urban functions, displaying the city's image and invigorating the city's economy against the background of the globalized economy and the developing sports industry. It will be a part of the unique legacy left by the 2008 Olympic Games to the Chinese and world sports to combine the creation of an international sports centre city with the building of Beijing into a modern international metropolis.

      Third, it will be combined with the development of the city's economy. Seize the business opportunity provided by the Olympic Games to accelerate the development of Beijing's sports industry. Build and possess first-class sports facilities, sports talents, resources for sporting events, sports enterprises and legal environments for sports, invigorate the sports market and sports consumption so as to turn Beijing into a centre of sports business activities with international influence. The well-developed physical fitness and amusement industry, sports competition and demonstration industry, sports training industry, sports exhibition industry and sports medium industry will become important component parts of the Beijing's modern service industry, and also enrich and expand Beijing's economic functions and promote the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the city's economic structure.

      Fourth, it will be combined with the promotion of the city's cultural and ideological progress. Combine the spread and popularization of the Olympic spirit and the development of the Chinese sports spirit with the implementation of the Programme for the Promotion of the Citizens' Ethnics, promote a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, improve the sports and cultural qualities of the citizens, and do away with the uncivilized behaviours in sports activities to create a lively, civilized environment and a refined and peaceful human atmosphere.

      Fifth, it will be combined with the improvement of the quality of the citizens' life. Persist in "giving fundamental consideration to the people's interests", put the fundamental aim of "promoting physical culture to build up people's health" into practice, and develop sports facilities and sports organizations so that sports activities will involve all families and benefit all citizens, the process of hosting the Olympic Games and creating an international sports centre city will become a process of improving the quality of the citizens' life, and sports will become the motive force for social progress.

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