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BOCOG Develops Environmental Management System (photo attached)

  June 2, 2004

  BOCOG handed over the drafts of the BOCOG Environmental Management System Handbook and BOCOG General Environmental Plan to International Olympic Committee (IOC) experts in Beijing on June 2, 2004. This move marked a concrete step forward that BOCOG took to establish its environmental management system.

  Fulfillment of the Host City Contract

  Simon Balderstone and Olav Myrholt, the IOC environmental experts receiving the documents, said BOCOG has earnestly carried out the Host City Contract by compiling the two documents. They said this move will help Beijing fulfill its commitments to the IOC when bidding for the Olympic Games.

  A New Starting Point for BOCOG Environmental Protection

  At a hand-over ceremony held at the BOCOG headquarters, BOCOG Vice-President and Secretary-General Wang Wei said the completion of the two documents marked a new starting-point for BOCOG’s environmental efforts and laid a solid foundation for the establishment of its environmental management system.

  Noting that “Green Olympics” is a key concept of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Wang said Beijing will take opportunity of the 2008 Games to promote environmental protection work in the city and throughout China. Wang said BOCOG will enhance cooperation and exchanges with the IOC, professional environmental protection agencies and various non-government environmental protection organizations to fulfill Beijing’s commitment on holding “Green Olympics”.

  A Scientific Method Internationally Practiced

  As an international practice, the development of environmental management system is aimed to define the specific environmental responsibilities of various departments of BOCOG, encourage them to manage and control environmental issues in the process of preparing for the Olympic Games and minimize the negative impact of the Olympic Games on the environment.

  BOCOG Environmental Management System Handbook and BOCOG General Environmental Plan were jointly drafted by BOCOG and CH2M Hill Ltd. The drafting work started on May 16th, 2003 and ended at the end of May 2004.

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