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7.Social Sports

      Beijing’s physical education shall enter into a period of rapid growth in the next six years. Sports activities at the grassroots shall be vigorously developed, and the existing and newly completed stadiums and sports facilities shall be made fully open and used to meet the public’s rising need for sports and fitness programs. The public’s sense of sports and fitness shall be aggressively reinforced, and healthy sports aggressively promoted to create a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle.

      1. Sense of Sports

      The 2008 Olympics will serve to attract much of the public’s attention toward sports activities. Through expanded publicity and active guidance, the right beliefs such as “health is the basis of national quality”, “participation in sports is the right and obligation of citizens”, and “development of the sports industry is the shared responsibility of the country and society as a whole” shall be established among the people. A fitness monitoring network shall be developed to conduct periodic surveys on residents’ physical conditions. Some 500,000 people will be surveyed each year, and results of the surveys will be released to the public. Social sports consultants with adequate qualifications shall be organized in sufficient numbers. By 2008, these consultants shall total more than 22,000 covering both urban and suburban areas. The objective is to have at least 61% of the population participate in some sports and 75% of those tested meet the country’s physical health standard for average citizens. The physical conditions of the young people shall be significantly improved. 97% of the students shall be able to meet the physical training standards.

      2. Sports Activities

      The Framework Plan for Citizen Health shall be fully implemented. Continuous improvement and full use shall be made of the organizing and coordinating functions of the citizen health network. Starting from 2003, the Beijing Citizen Health Sports Festival shall be held every two years, which will attract the participation of foreigners and foreign community groups in Beijing to make the city a sports platform with international influence and Eastern characteristics. The Beijing Spring Long-distance Running Event, International Long-distance Running Festival, the Beijing Marathon and other traditional sports events shall continue to be held as always. Youth sports, urban sports and rural sports shall be strengthened through full utilization of the gathering, radiating and exemplifying power of schools, communities and towns. This will increase the appeal and cohesive power of sports activities and thereby further the implementation of citizen health sports.

      3. Sports Facilities

      Various facilities for grassroots sports shall be established and improved on an ongoing basis. By 2008, all the neighborhood committees and 80% of the township administrations will have developed sites and facilities prescribed in the “Citizens Health Project”. The per capita public sports facilities shall be increased from the current 0.9 per square meter to 1.11 per square meter. Stadiums, swimming pools and other training sites and related facilities run by the suburban counties and urban districts shall be improved. Construction of public sports facilities in residential compounds shall be reinforced and the required land space shall be allocated. Public sports facilities in residential areas shall be constructed along with major development projects and be made ready at the same time. Residential areas equipped with insufficient sports facilities shall have to meet the requirements before 2008. School sports facilities shall be improved and the issue of opening school facilities to the public shall be properly addressed.

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