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Promotional Team for “Green Olympics, Green Action” (photo attached)

  In order to encourage the public to participate in Beijing’s effort to develop an environmentally sound city, Beijing formed a “Green Olympic, Green Action” promotional group on December 17, 2004.

  The promotional group will give lectures to members of local communities about the idea of “Green Olympics” in a bid to raise people’s awareness about environmental issues.

  The promotional group was jointly established by the BOCOG Department of Environmental Activities and relevant environmental authorities of Beijing city. The group includes renown environmental experts, scholars and volunteers from various sections of the society. IOC member He Zhenliang and IOC Sports and Environment Commission member Deng Yaping are advisors of the promotional group.

  Addressing the founding ceremony of the promotional group, BOCOG Assistant President Tu Mingde hopes the group will help Beijing citizens to greet the 2008 Olympic Games with enthusiastic, civilized and healthy attitude.

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