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6. Setting up Supervision and Auditing Mechanisms

      In accordance with the principle of "precaution, prevention, interruption, and strict supervision", various rules and regulations shall be formulated and effective supervision and auditing mechanisms shall be set up to prevent corruption from happening.

      Establishing an organisation to oversee Olympic preparations - an organisation, which consists of representatives from departments of the state and Beijing municipal governments, NPC, NPPCC, and social personages and specialists shall be established. It exercises independent supervision over major activities related to funds, goods and personnel recruitment and construction projects in the preparation and running of the Olympic Games. In addition, an institution to supervise the bidding for the Olympic construction projects will be set up to ensure legality of the bidding so that any illegal practice and violation of discipline can be avoided.

      Supervising the use of funds in BOCOG - financial regulations will be stipulated, highlighting the separate management of revenue and expenditure, budgeting by departments and centralised payment and accounting. Bulk commodity purchase by BOCOG shall be carried out through the system of government purchases and open bidding. The BOCOG Supervision and Auditing Department shall regularly audit the revenue and expenditure of all the BOCOG departments.

      Intensifying supervision over Olympic construction projects -a proprietor responsibility system will be adopted for each project; a separate account will be opened for each and every construction project and funds shall be earmarked for specified purposes. Special personnel will be designated for financial management. The use of funds for the projects will be audited regularly. Quality inspection and control systems will be strengthened and a quality responsibility system as well as a life-long guarantee system will be exerted for the construction projects.

      Bringing into full play the role of public supervision -the preparation for Olympic Games will be transparent and information concerning the Olympic projects, including project specifications, responsible institutions, investments, and construction schedule, will be made public. An offence reporting system will be established with telephone numbers and email address published for public supervision.

      We believe that under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, with the participation of the people nationwide, and in the spirit of being concerted, down-to-earth, realistic and creative in our work, the "Beijing Olympic Action Plan" will be duly implemented.

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