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Hao Jianxiu Inspects Environmental Work in Olympic Construction (photo attached)

Accompanied by Liu Jingmin (third from left, front row), Hao Jianxiu (fourth from left, front row) inspects the construction site of the National Stadium.

  June 3, 2004

  As the World Environment Day approaching, a delegation led by Hao Jianxiu, CPPCC vice-chairwoman, and Chen Bangzhu, chairman of the CPPCC Population, Resources and Environment Committee, inspected the environmental protection work at the construction sites of the National Stadium and the National Swimming Center. The delegation was accompanied by Liu Jingmin, BOCOG executive vice-president and deputy mayor of Beijing.

  Comprehensive Olympic Environmental Protection Work by BOCOG

  Liu Jingmin briefed Hao Jianxiu on BOCOG’s environmental efforts. He said the “Green Olympics” is one of the three major concepts of the 2008 Games, and that BOCOG has established the department of Environmental Activity specifically to manage Olympic environmental protection work. BOCOG has formulated Guidelines for Environmental Protection in Olympic Construction Projects and Guidelines for Environmental Protection in Hotel Service for the Beijing Olympic Games and has incorporated these two documents into proprietor contracts and venue designing plans.

  In addition, the Beijing Municipal Government has established the Olympic Construction Coordination Office to make Olympic construction projects model projects for sustainable development. One example is the Olympic Forest Park, a park designed to simulate a natural ecosystem. In the park, reclaimed water will be used and a wetland system for purification adopted. The park will also house an educational center to teach young people environmental protection and biological diversity.

  “A Good Beginning”

  Hao Jianxiu commended BOCOG’s environmental protection work, saying it’s a “good beginning”. Other members of the delegation also expressed their satisfaction over the efforts of BOCOG and relevant municipal departments in supervising and directing the “Green Construction” of Olympic venues. They also praised the efforts made by venue proprietors and construction contractors.

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