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5. Developing Human Resource backup for the Olympic Games

      In order to run a best-ever Olympic Games in history, a great number of high-quality and versatile personnel meeting international standards will be selected, trained and assigned to various posts. Beijing is a place where qualified personnel from home and abroad concentrate, therefore, pools of domestic and international human resources shall be established to ensure the personnel supply and backup for the Olympic Games.

      Training qualified personnel - efforts will be made to train more managing personnel who understand international practice in city administration and economic management, who have international vision, and who are able to establish direct contact and exchange relations with foreign specialists and professional organisations. Specialists, who have the knowledge of international sports and Olympic affairs, international law, international business, international finance and insurance, electronic information technology, environmental protection technology, will also be trained. Government officials at all levels and leaders of enterprises should enrich their Olympic related knowledge and intensify their study of market operation, international business and law, so as to update their knowledge structure and better their competence.

      Improving human resource policies for employee recruitment, placement and retention - reform shall be intensified with regard to payment and personnel management policies and reasonable income distribution systems will be adopted to arouse the initiatives of the personnel. Favourable recruiting and retaining policies will be worked out to encourage the Chinese students studying overseas to return home. Foreign scholars and specialists will be invited to work in Beijing. Personnel in the fields of science, technology, administration and business management will be selected to further training in foreign countries. The development of human resource market and employment agencies will be promoted.

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