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Beijing Star Hotels Actively Adopt Measures to Save Power

  In yet another effort to encourage electricity saving in Beijing during the summer seasons, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Tourism issued an notice to star-rated hotels in the city this week, calling them to integrate effective power-saving measures into their daily operating systems.

  The Tourism Bureau’s call echoed the BOCOG proposal that hotels designated as accommodation suppliers during the Beijing 2008 Games should take a lead in saving power by raising air-conditioned room temperature by one degree during the summer months.

  The Tourism Bureau advises hotels to reduce the use of highly power-consuming facilities such as elevators at peak times of power consumption. For example, the hotels may persuade staffs not to use elevators beneath the fifth floor and make elevators stop at every other floor above that floor.The hotels are also encouraged to set the temperature of air-conditioning at above 26 degrees Celsius, enhance room pressurization and reduce the number of opening windows.

  The Tourism Bureau also advises hotels to keep record of daily water and power consumption, and develop analysis and report system on saving energy and water.


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