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Two Wastewater Treatment Plants Completed on Qing River [2004-12-10]
Beijing plants 711 Hectares of Trees, Grass in Downtown Areas [2004-11-28]
The Fourth Bilingual Speech Contest on the Theme: “My Participation in the Green Olympics” Concluded (photo attached) [2004-11-01]
“Zhongguancun Clean-Air Industry Association” Established in Beijing [2004-09-23]
Beijing Improves Wastewater Treatment Capacity (Photo Attached) [2004-09-22]
Beijing fights desertification with grass planting project [2004-09-07]
Beijing to Implement “Euro 3 Emission” Standards [2004-08-12]
Beijing Sets up Education Society for Sustainable Development [2004-08-04]
Air Quality [2004-07-05]
Waste Treatment [2004-07-05]
Water Environment [2004-07-05]
Greening and Beautifying [2004-07-05]
Beijing Establishes New Measures for the Prevention and Control of Wind-born Sand by 2008 [2004-06-23]
50 Designated Air-Pollution Supervisors Start Duty in Beijing [2004-06-23]
Beijing Municipal Administration Committee Promotes Waste Management [2004-06-17]
BMEPB Issues Preliminary List of Work Units to Enforce Pollution Management in Accordance with Tenth Phase Measures [2004-06-16]
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