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BOCOG Increases Communication with Environmental NGOs in Beijing
BOCOG Increases Communication with Environmental NGOs in Beijing (photo attached) [2004-12-30]
Beijing speeds up clean-up for Olympics [2004-12-29]
Beijing Offers Economic Incentives for Environment Protection [2004-12-29]
Beijing Sets Standards for Nation’s Environmental Rules [2004-12-29]
Promotional Team for “Green Olympics, Green Action” (photo attached) [2004-12-17]
“Beijing 2004 International Environment Seminar” opens (photo attached) [2004-09-16]
The BOCOG Official Website Launches English and French “Green Olympics” Channels [2004-07-27]
Beijing Star Hotels Actively Adopt Measures to Save Power [2004-07-26]
Hao Jianxiu Inspects Environmental Work in Olympic Construction (photo attached) [2004-06-04]
World Environment Day [2004-06-04]
BOCOG Releases Proposals on Energy Saving for Air-conditioning (Full Text) [2004-06-03]
BOCOG Develops Environmental Management System (photo attached) [2004-06-02]
BOCOG Wins National Award for Promoting “Eco-Mark” Logo(photos attached) [2004-05-20]
BOCOG Issues Policy on Environmental Management System [2004-04-08]
National Stadium Construction Progresses Using Environmentally-Sound Techniques(photos attached) [2004-04-07]
“Sustainable Development of Olympic Games Projects” Seminar Convenes in Beijing (photo attached) [2004-02-29]
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