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3.Olympic Education and Promotion

      Education is a core element of the Olympic principles. In the next 6 years, a variety of approaches will be applied to popularize knowledge about the Olympics, spread Olympic ideals and promote the localization of the Olympic spirit.

      1. School Education

      Young people and children will be the principal recipients of education concerning the Olympics. A variety of educational programs that teach about the Olympics will be conducted in all the schools throughout the city. A book called Olympic Readings and many electronic audio and visual materials on the Olympics will be produced and handed out to all students. Other reading materials will also be prepared, particularly those with cartoons, cater to the young. Starting from 2005, Olympic lectures will be provided at colleges and universities as well as elementary and secondary schools, using the Olympic Education Readings by the IOC Committee of Culture and Education as important teaching materials. Olympic education will also be conducted in conjunction with the sports events on campus. Through such education, the young people in the city are expected to acquire knowledge about the Olympics, develop a concern for the Olympic movement and understand the Olympic spirit. This will lay the groundwork for the organization of a high-quality volunteer team in 2008.

      2. Media Communication

      The communicative power of the media such as newspapers, radio, TV and the internet will be fully tapped to promote themes like “Leading to 2008”, “Welcome 2008”, “Brilliant 2008”. Special Olympic programs or channels shall be launched or conducted, and the broadcasting of sports events over TV or radio shall be strengthened. Special programs depicting Beijing’s progress in its preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games and its residents’ enthusiastic participation and earnest yearnings will be filmed and shown on television. Newspapers that specialize in covering the Olympic Games will also be established. Plans for an Olympic Publication Project will be devised and implemented. With BOCOG’s authorization and through an open bidding process, a multi-language series of Olympic publications featuring a uniform logo will be produced and published.

      In addition, a 2008 Olympic News and Information Plan will be formulated, under which there will be a news briefing system to release information to the press on the progress of preparations being made for the Olympic Games. This information thus released shall be up to date, accurate and in full. Exchange activities for foreign journalists that are currently staying in Beijing will be organized and a lot of journalists from mainstream international media will be invited to Beijing every year. Through friendly relations with the global press, we aim at creating an atmosphere of favorable international public opinion.

      3. Network Communications

      Plans have been made to set up an Olympic website and launch an online Olympic club to provide athletes and sports new ways of communication and convenient Internet services. This can help to spur the enthusiasm of network users in participating in the Olympics. Web pages devoted to the Olympics are to be found on such important websites as the 21 Dragon News Network. This will allow for comprehensive publicity covering both China and the rest of the world. We plan to set up a virtual Olympic Museum in 2008 in cooperation with the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

      4. Social Communications

      By 2004, the selection of slogans, publicity posters, mascots, and the like will have been completed for both the Olympic Games in general and the specific competitions. Literature, music, art, photography, postal materials, dances, movies and TV dramas with themes focusing on the Olympics will be promoted. Activities will be organized to encourage the writing, solicitation, selection and promotion of the Olympic theme song. These efforts shall help to create a whole range of high-quality and distinct Olympic literature and art works. Athletes will be extensively educated about the fundamental goals and principles of the Olympics so that they may serve as models and messengers that embody and carry forward the Olympic spirit. In addition, an Olympic Education Website will be set up to promote research and the dissemination of Olympic ideals, and a high-level international Olympic seminar will be organized, as will be an international seminar for sports journalists.

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