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NGO Helps Hotels’ Energy Saving Effort with Reminding Cards (photo attached)

  More than 80 BOCOG-designated hotels for the 2008 Olympic Games received “Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Tags” designed by a non-government organization on November 15, 2004.

  The tags, made from recycled paper, will be placed in every guest room of the hotels, reminding the guests about environmental protection and energy efficiency. The paper cards are printed in both Chinese and English and with pictures, explaining why without compromising comfort, the temperature of air-conditioning could be set one degree higher in summer and one degree lower in winter. The cards also introduce some ideas and knowledge of energy saving.

  The Global Village, a Beijing-based non-government organization of environmental protection, designed and printed the cards. Members of the Environment and Culture Center of the NGO presented the cards to personnel from the 80 hotels at an awarding ceremony, which was also attended by BOCOG Vice President Wang Wei and local media.

  Wang said at the awarding ceremony that the designated hotels for the 2008 Olympics serve as a window of Green Olympics and should set example for the catering industry by carrying out the BOCOG guidelines on environmental protection. He said the BOCOG had called for the hotels to raise temperature of air-conditioning during last summer, which proved to be an effective way to achieve better energy efficiency at hotels.

  Wang also praised the Global Village for its active role in promoting the idea of Green Olympics and pushing the hotels to improve energy efficiency.

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