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Introduction of the Sailing Sub-committee

  The 29th Olympiad Organizing Committee Sailing Sub-committee (Qingdao) is an independent and legal representative entity. It is the leading and organizational institution for the Sailing competition of the 29th Olympic Games. The primary responsibility is to prepare and conduct the Sailing competition in the 29th Olympic Games.

  Sailing Sub-committee is a branch office of Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. It has received the dual leadership from Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the Qingdao's government. Simultaneously, it accepts instructions directly from the administrative center of the national sports bureau in charge of the aquatic sports. The Sailing Sub-committee is supposed to have 100 personnel by 2008. Before Athens 2004 Olympic games, it will have 50 personnel. Other organizing personnel will depend on the job requirement.

  The Sailing Sub-committee is consisted of no more than 15 departments. Before 2004, it will have synthesis department, promotion department, human resources training department, competition department, project and environmental protection department, and games service department. Other departments will be generated according to the preparatory work progress.

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