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3. Developing Sound Commanding and Decision-making Systems

      Preparation for the Olympic Games is a huge and systematic project, which relies on the participation of all social sectors and the extensive support of the people. Preparation for the Games will be the main task for the whole city at present and in years leading to the Games.

      Taking the Olympic Games as the central task of all - all the staff of government departments shall be required to be open-minded, to improve their working style, and to develop a strong sense of responsibility. While doing their own jobs well, they shall do everything for the benefit of the Olympic Games.

      Improving the system of decision-making - regarding to major projects, decisions shall be made only after the appropriate consultation, appraisal and assessment. In the meantime, international and domestic experts and specialists in the fields concerned, and professional institutions abroad shall be involved to ensure the smooth going of our preparatory work of the Games.

      Strictly following the plan and schedule - in implementing the "Beijing Olympic Action Plan", annual plans and specific plans concerning individual projects shall be worked out and strictly followed to guarantee the progress of preparation. Project management systems shall be adopted and more attention must be paid to the quality than pace and cost of the projects. The venue construction and Games preparations must be accomplished in time and up to top standards.

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