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2. Advancing the Development of New Technologies

      To meet the requirements of the Olympic Games, scientific research in technologies, technological integration and new-tech introduction will be promoted so as to increase the application of high and new technological achievements at the Olympic Games.

      Giving nationwide support to High-tech Olympics - in accordance with the "High-tech Olympic Action Plan (2008)" to be implemented jointly by 9 ministries and municipalities, a series of key research projects will be initiated in conjunction with the National Science and Technology Development Plan, in order that research achievements nationwide can be applied at the Beijing Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the "Beijing 2-4-8 Major Innovation Project" will turn its focus to "High-tech Olympics", giving stronger support to the Olympic technological construction.

      Increasing technological applications in Olympic projects - in the areas of transportation, clean energy, environmental protection, venues and facilities, information and telecommunications, security, sports science, doping control, and the production of opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, attempts will be made to apply the following technologies, namely the 3S technologies (i.e. remote sensing system, geographical information system, and GPS), intelligent transportation, clean use of coal, micro-satellites, nano-materials, bio-chips, etc. It is hoped that this will make the 2008 Olympic Games a science-and-technology-intensive sports event.

      Introducing advanced and applicable technological achievements from abroad - international science and technological cooperation will be intensified in various fields. The successful technological applications at previous Games will be introduced, the latest scientific achievements worldwide adopted and technological innovations made for the benefit of the 2008 Olympic Games.

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