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4. Public Participation

      The moral, science and cultural level, and law awareness of the citizens and the extent of their participation in the Olympic Movement are of direct significance to the success of the Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore, it is extremely important to further enhance the general quality of the citizens and to encourage them to participate in the Olympic Movement.

      Facilitating people's involvement in the Olympic Games - it is a common desire of the Chinese people to support and work for the Olympic Games. Their enthusiasm shall be well encouraged and protected. Events and activities centring on the Olympic Games will be planned and organized for them, in accordance with the related regulations in the IOC Host City Contract.

      Carrying out Olympic education programs - we make efforts to popularize the Olympic knowledge and spread Olympic spirit by means of publications, television and newspapers. "Olympic Education Textbooks" will be distributed in the primary and secondary schools and school sports events will be held in connection with Olympic education program. Communities will also be involved in Olympic education; moreover, the Olympic education program will be an integrated part of the on-going "Sports for All" movement, thus fostering the citizens' Olympic awareness and their enthusiasm for the Olympic Movement.

      Promoting the civility of the city, communities and citizens - a campaign of "civility improvement" will be launched citywide, involving communities, various business sectors, and citizens. The fundamental values of "loving the country, abiding by the law, politeness, honesty, solidarity, friendliness, thriftiness, independence, devotion and contribution" will be promoted in the whole society, so as to raise the level of civility of the city as a whole and create a favorable social environment for the Olympic Games.

      Building up a favorable language environment - the "Speak English Program" for the citizens will be further pushed forward. Foreign language training will be given to those in the services sector; columns in newspapers, radio and television programs, and web pages will have more contents in foreign languages. Adequate written and graphic guiding signs of international standards will be erected along the streets.

      Launching an Olympic volunteer recruiting campaign - a plan for Olympic volunteer recruitment will be stipulated and a campaign launched to encourage the young people and personage in various fields nationwide and overseas to work for the Olympic Games. College and secondary school students will be the majority in the team with people from other walks of life. They should be fluent in foreign languages, well trained in their professions and devoted to the work. From the year 2002, a volunteer information system will be established and in operation.

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