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Beijing fights desertification with grass planting project

  SEPT 7, BEIJING – In order to reduce air pollution and to prepare a “Green Olympics,” Beijing officials have initiated an ecological project to revive land degraded by desertification and alleviate the effects of wind-born sand. The project involves planting of 50,000 hectares of grass on degraded lands in various areas of the city, including Fengtai, Fangshan and Daxing Districts. The massive grass plantation is disigned to help control encroaching desertification.

  The project's massive grass plantation will also mitigate the effects of sand storms that regularly assault the city area. Large-scale grasslands, serving as windbreaks to help stabilize desert sands and prevent wind erosion, have been planted in the past three years, totaling 150,000 hectares.

  By planting draught-resistant grass and bush species in sandy soil, Beijing has already successfully established a green barrier around the city, improving arid lands degraded by overgrazing, deforestation and drought into beautiful ecological landscapes.

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