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3. Legal Environment Development

      The Olympic Charter and other IOC regulations will be strictly observed, the Host City Contract honored, related legislation consolidated, law enforcement ability and capability further improved, and the citizens' legal awareness enhanced, so as to create a favourable legal environment for the Olympic Games.

      Consolidating the protection of the Olympic Symbol - the Regulation on the Protection of Olympic Symbol adopted by the State Council will be enforced and administrative and legal proceedings will be taken to protect the Olympic Symbol and related rights. Legal actions will be taken against infringements, so as to create a clean market and favorable environment to ensure the protection of the Olympic Symbol.

      Improving the legality of government work - law education programs will be carried out in government departments, especially in the law enforcement organizations, to improve government staff's initiative in legal administration and their knowledge of law and to raise their law enforcement ability and service quality. Government work will be open to the public supervision and information concerning major Olympic construction projects shall be made public regularly; and administrative power restraint and responsibility binding mechanisms shall be established to govern the exercise of powers and avoid Olympic-related corruption.

      Enhancing law education - On the basis of  "the Fourth Five-year Law Popularization Program", a law education campaign will be initiated, with a stress on the promotion of intellectual property right protection, so as to help the people raise their law-abiding and legal right safeguarding awareness. Our target is to establish a favorable environment for the hosting of the Olympic Games.

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