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National Stadium Construction Progresses Using Environmentally-Sound Techniques(photos attached)

On-site operation of the National Stadium

  The development of the National Stadium has seen steady progress since its conception on the 24th of December, 2003.

  According to the Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd (BUCG) – the organization managing the development project - the venture will endeavor to be environmentally friendly by managing construction dust and following the Beijing 2008 Olympic principle of “green, high-tech and people-friendly Olympic Games.” To date, BUCG have established five key measures to ensure that the principle of environmental-awareness is followed. Firstly, 170 000 square meters of forest will be planted on currently bare land in the vicinity of the stadium. Secondly, the condition of roads and paths in the main thoroughfare will be improved. Thirdly, the area around the scenic road to the south of the stadium will undergo a large reforestation project. Fourthly, trucks and carts will be hired to disperse water and hence keep dust in the area to a minimum. Finally, a professional sanitization team will be hired to oversee implementation. All areas of construction passed a recent on-site quality inspection (conducted with the co-operation of on-site supervisor), and 67% of areas inspected were rated as exceptional. There were no reported issues with respect to the quality of construction.

High-quality construction, night and day

Trucks disperse water on a regular basis to manage the construction dust

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