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The Pre-Games Training Guide
The 29th Olympic Games China 2004-2008
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Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee President Liu Qi's Message
Chinese Olympic Committee President Yuan Weimin's Message
A. Introduction
Map of China: Administrative Regions Map of China: Major Scenic Areas
Map of Beijing Introduction to China
Introduction to Chinese Olympic Committee Beijing Olympic Games Overview
B. Training Sites and Facilities by Sport 1st 2nd
1. Athletics 2. Rowing
3. Badminton 4. Baseball
5. Basketball 6. Boxing
7. Canoe/Kayak 8. Cycling
9. Equestrian 10. Fencing
11. Football 12. Gymnastics (Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline)
13. Weightlifting 14. Handball
15. Hockey 16. Judo
17. Wrestling 18. Swimming (Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming)
19. Modern Pentathlon 20. Softball
21. Taekwondo 22. Tennis
23. Table Tennis 24. Shooting
25. Archery 26. Triathlon
27. Sailing 28. Volleyball
C.Training Sites and Facilities by Region
Beijing Municipality
Tianjin Municipality
Hebei Province
Shanxi Province
Liaoning Province
Heilongjiang Province
Shanghai Municipality
Jiangsu Province
Zhejiang Province
Anhui Province
Fujian Province
Jiangxi Province
Shandong Province
Henan Province
Hubei Province
Hunan Province
Guangdong Province
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Chongqing Municipality
Sichuan Province
Guizhou Province
Yunnan Province
Shaanxi Province
Gansu Province
Qinghai Province
D. Others
Application Form Key Contacts
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