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Heiberg Visits BOCOG Partners (photos attached)

Heiberg (first from the right), visits Bank of China (BOC) headquarters under the companion of BOC President Li Lihui (front row, first from the left).

  During November 3-4, 2004, on behalf of the International Olympic Committee, Chairman of the IOC Marketing Commission Gerhard Heiberg held consultations with the six current partners of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The six partners include the Bank of China, China Mobile, Air China, Volkswagen, China Netcom, and Sinopec Corp. Heiberg praised each of the partners for their enthusiasm in supporting the Olympics to date. He also expressed the wish that the partners work hand in hand with the IOC and BOCOG to stage a successful Olympic Games in 2008.

Heiberg (first from the left) and Li Lihui (first from the right) exchange gifts after their brief meeting.

Heiberg meets with Lu Xiangdong, vice-president of China Mobile.

Heiberg (second from the left) listens to presentation on the long-term plan of China Mobile.

At Volkswagen Beijing’s representative office, Heiberg listens to briefing by Dr. Zhang Suixin, executive vice-president of Volkswagen (China).

Heiberg (middle) shares views with Yuan Bin (first from the right), vice-director of the BOCOG Marketing Department, and Zhang Suixin (first from the left).

Heiberg (Left) has a conversation with Cai Jianjiang (Right), vice-president of Air China.

Heiberg meets with Zhao Jidong, deputy general manager of China Netcom.

Heiberg (fifth from the left) has a close-up look at the network control center of China Netcom.

Heiberg (second from the left) joins Deputy General Manager Zhao Jidong (first from the left) to experience the “Speed 2008” hall at China Netcom.

Heiberg (first from the left) meets with Zhang Jiaren (first from the Right), director and senior vice-president and chief financial officer of Sinopec Corp.
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