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Children’s drawing to open Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival

       A large-scale artistic pasting activity named "the Children’s Drawing for the Olympic Games” will be the prologue of the opening ceremony for the first Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival, said sources with the BOCOG.

      According to Mr. Sun Weijia, deputy director of BOCOG's Media & Communications Department, 2008 children will, by pasting together their original artwork and red scarves, reproduce the logo of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as part of the opening ceremony of the first Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival, with the aim to manifest the idea of the combination of culture and education in the Olympic Games, and to widely disseminate Olympics culture among young people. Leaders from BOCOG, the Cultural Festival Organizing Committee and their corresponding departments will also work together with the children to complete the work.

      Sun Weijia explained that not only does this activity encourage children to participate in preparation for the Olympic Games, but the name itself, “the Children’s Drawing for the Olympic Games” conveys a special meaning: the Chinese language pronunciation for “the children” in this context is the same as that for “with the same heart,” which expresses the determination of the Chinese people to “work with great efforts and cooperation to hold an excellent Olympic Games.”

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