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“Zhongguancun Clean-Air Industry Association” Established in Beijing

  On September 17, the “Zhongguancun Clean-Air Industry Association” was established in Beijing. It endeavors to promote the development and application of emissions-free technology, increase public awareness of air safety and quality, and foster and develop industries that conform to its clean-air charter.

  Over the next few years, the association will also campaign for the adoption of the Indoor Air Quality Criteria to improve levels of indoor air quality (including air quality within auto vehicles). It will also organise and carry out public benefit activities including expert forums, whilst aiding its member units to further drive research, development and the application of clean-air technologies.

  The commitment to providing athletes and guests worldwide with sound air quality- both indoors and outdoors- is an important part of the “Green Olympics” concept. The establishment of the Zhongguancun Clean-Air Industry Association is regarded as a positive step in the realization of this concept, with the Association widely anticipated to make a meaningful contribution in the service of environmentally-sound urban construction in preparation for the Olympics.


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