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1. Cultural Environment Development

      Culture has always constituted an important part of the modern Olympic Movement. During the Beijing Olympic Games, efforts will be made to fully exhibit the achievements of traditional Chinese culture, and the rich cultural heritage of Beijing in the hope that the Olympic spirit can be further carried forward on this unique occasion of East-West exchange.

      Hosting a series of Olympic-oriented cultural activities - the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Torch Relay will be well planned and organized. Besides, we will initiate a Beijing Olympic Culture Festival to display the Chinese people's boundless enthusiasm for Olympics, and some classic cultural events, such as the annual Beijing International Music Festival and the New Year Concert, will be on the list of the Cultural Programs for the celebration of the Olympic Games.

      Constructing modern cultural facilities - to provide more cultural facilities during the Olympic Games, the Grand National Theatre will be constructed and the National Library, the Chinese Gallery of Fine Arts, the Chinese Museum of Science and Technology, the Capital Museum will be expanded. The CCTV and the BTV will be relocated on new sites. The art of mural painting and sculpture will be integrated in the building of the Olympic venues and facilities. On the other hand, cultural functions will be taken into account in the design and construction of some of Olympic venues. For instance, a public square and other facilities for various cultural activities will be built in the Olympic Green.

      Protecting and displaying the historical and cultural heritage of the city - the Plan to Protect the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Beijing will be fully implemented. Special attention will be given to the protection of the old royal city and the historical buildings situated along the ancient city axis and within the 25 historical and cultural protection areas, the protected major historical and cultural sites, the ancient urban water systems and the layout of the ancient city. To showcase the features of the ancient capital, the ancient buildings in the areas along the axis line, the old royal city, the Chao-Fu road, the Imperial College and Shichahai area will be well renovated; some historical relics, such as the former imperial gardens of Yuanmingyuan and the city wall built in the Ming dynasty will be restored; and such world heritages as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City will be placed on the top of the protection list. In the renovation of the old city, the quadrangles (siheyuan), which bear the features of the old city, will be carefully dealt with and protected in different ways; and records concerning the origin, connotations, and incidents related to the historical places will be entirely or partially inscribed on the spot by permanent means.

      Creating a favorable environment for cultural tourism - to make good use of the tourist resources in Beijing, an overall planning of the city's major tourist sites will be made so as to develop classic tourist products with unique cultural flavors. Designing and developing tourist commodities, which bear strong Beijing features, will be encouraged. Commercial streets will be established to offer more shopping facilities for tourists as well as athletes during the Olympic Games.

      Providing good working conditions for the media - Comprehensive and timely information and quality services will be provided to the media from home and abroad to ensure a fast, efficient, accurate and successful coverage of the Olympic Games.

      Promoting national solidarity - The Party's policy towards nationalities and religions and the Regulations on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Minority Ethnic Groups will be fully carried out, to raise the citizens' awareness of national solidarity, to raise the minority nationalities' enthusiasm to participate in the Olympic-related activities, and to make the Beijing Olympic Games a national festival for all the ethnic groups. Venues for religious activities will be well planned and distributed during the Olympic Games to provide convenience for the athletes of different religions and nationalities.

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