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4. Development of Information and Telecommunications Systems

      While applying information technology extensively to urban development to build a "digital Beijing", we will focus on the "Digital Olympics" program and the building of telecommunications infrastructure and network system, to create a favorable IT environment and provide excellent information services. By 2008, information services will be inexpensive, rich in content, free of language barrier personalized, and available for anyone, at anytime and anywhere. This will not only contribute greatly to the success of an excellent Olympic Games, but also display to the world the level and achievements of China's information technology.

      Construction of information and communications infrastructure - we will plan and construct the basic communications facilities on a unified basis, use the transmission resource in a rational manner, and guarantee the optical or electrical cabling of the communications network for the Olympic Games. Some landmark IT buildings will be built, which can serve as multi-function centers for the Olympic Games. To provide frequencies for the Olympic Games, we will strengthen the overall planning and management of radio frequencies. A technical support system for radio management will be established in Beijing to facilitate the overall improvement of frequency management, radio signal monitoring, radio interference analysis and radio equipment testing ability. Comprehensive measures will be taken to provide a clean electromagnetic environment so as to ensure the smooth operation of all radio communication devices. The advanced communications facilities will be built to provide a broadband digital communications system that is reliable, flexible, expandable, reusable, and adaptable to new technologies. We will provide services that both match the communications technologies of different countries and satisfy the requirements of the Olympic Games.

      Construction of information application system -in full compliance with the requirement of the IOC, we will provide the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games with state-of-the-art soft-wares and hard-wares for information, timing, scoring and result processing systems. Focus will also be placed on the development of the soft wares for management systems and information service systems related to the Olympic Games. Weather forecast and monitoring will be reinforced to provide timely and accurate meteorological services for large-scale gatherings and sports events. E-commerce services covering ticketing, tourism, merchandizing, shopping, projects tendering, and procurement will also be provided. Artificial intelligence technologies will be used in an effort to overcome the "language barrier" during the Olympic Games. Smartcard technology will also be used to provide the participants with safe and convenient services in accreditation, security check and payment, etc, meanwhile a card-based payment network and a favorable card-based payment environment will be established. In addition we will make efforts to raise the intelligent level of the Olympic venues and facilities to provide various personalized information services.

      Development and industrialization of key information technologies - we will strive for breakthroughs in such key IT fields as high-performance computer technology and network technology. We will promote the application of advanced and sophisticated technologies and the construction of the basic projects for the development of key technologies. We will also carry forward the industrialization of large-scale sport information system, digital sport equipment, digital media equipment, smartcard and other related devices, etc.

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