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Beijing to Select 2008 Olympic Mascots from 662 Designs

  Beijing started to select Mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympics on December 15 as it received more than 600 designs from around the world. The final versions of the Olympic Mascots are to be unveiled in June 2005.

  Over the four months as from August 5 to December 1, the organizers have received 662 designs of mascots for the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Among them, 614 (92.75 percent) are from authors in the mainland of China, 11 are from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The remaining 37 entries are from other parts of the world.

  Beijing’s call for collecting designs of Beijing Olympic mascots has received enthusiastic response from designers around the world, especially Chinese and other Asian people both in China and abroad. People from all but two (Guizhou province and Tibet Autonomous Region) provinces in China have sent their designs to Beijing. Designers from Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Britain, the United States and Canada also participated in the contest of mascot designs.

  All the participants are professional designers or designing institutions, who have put forward mascot designs of high quality and standards.

  The organizers will scrutiny the 662 designs and select the top winners according to due procedures.

  In addition, the organizers have received thousands of telephone calls, letters and designs from non-professional designers, who are not qualified to take part in the contest.

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