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Ⅲ. Safeguard Measures

      In order to realize the objective and task of “Digital Olympics” Programme, and ensure the implementation and completion of the action plan, sound and effective safeguard measures must be worked out.

      1. Strengthen Coordination of Leadership and Assurance of Organization

      Establish the leading and executive organs for “Digital Olympics”, and create an organizing system that will ensure smooth implementation of the Action Plan for “Digital Olympics”. Headed by Beijing Municipal Office of National Information Infrastructure under the leadership of a mayor in charge of this sector from the municipal government, together with other municipal departments concerned, coordinating and specialist committees will be formed. “Digital Olympics” Office will be established so as to work closely with the technology projects for “Digital Olympics”.

      2. Strengthen Building of Human Resources

      In accordance with the schedule, make overall planning, introduce professionals, mobilize volunteers, intensify training of prospective professionals, and establish multi-tiered system for providing human resources so as to ensure professionals of various types available in time for the construction and service of the Olympics.

      3. Promote Operational Innovation and Multi-Channel Fund-Raising

      In accordance with the rules of market economy, keep making explorations and innovations in terms of operational mechanism concerning project construction, encourage social investment by making use of small amount of start-up capital so as to bring into play good results of making use of capital. Investment relations must be very well coordinated between the municipal government, the Olympic Organizing Committee and enterprise community. Operational mechanisms popular internationally at present must be extensively applied so as to introduce and absorb foreign capital, raise social fund, put it under efficient management and make fair use of it.

      4. Promote in an Active Manner Further Development of “Digital Olympic”

      Strengthen propaganda work for “Digital Olympics”, and bring into full play wisdom of the entire society. March forward together with our times, keep improving this programme and promote further development of “Digital Olympics”. In the spirit of taking in everything, learn from other Olympics-hosting countries their experiences and introduce advanced international technologies and management. Work for holding “Digital Olympics” forum on international information technologies and its equipment exhibition respectively in 2003 and 2006 so as to promote international exchanges in this area and further development of China’s information technologies and the industries concerned.

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