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Ⅱ.Major Tasks of “Digital Olympics”

      1. Communication ServicesOn the basis of communication network existing in Beijing, building advanced communication facilities of various types must be sped up so as to provide eventually a broad band digitalized communication system which is highly reliable and flexible, can be expanded, be given to building transmission network for new technologies. Priority should be given to building transmission network for the Olympics and Olympic comprehensive telecom bureau. Fixed telephone network in Beijing, 2G and 2.5G should be developed in a big way. Infrastructure such as mobile communication network with 3G technology, seabed fibre cable satellite communication system, digital trunk network, radio network and internet should be actively used so as to offer services conforming with the communication standards of various countries in the world.

      2. Broadcast and TV Services

      Broadcast and TV special network must be built for Olympic stadiums and gymnasiums so as to create a reliable platform for TV broadcast relays of the Olympic Games and signal transmission, and facilitate the people throughout the world to enjoy Beijing’s spectacular Olympic Games in 2008. Bring about the technological change from analogue to digital in broadcast and TV sector. Set up digital cable TV network in cities, digital satellite live TV system, digital TV system on the ground and digital broadcasting system. Services will be expanded in a big way in order to provide the Olympics with diversified digital broadcast and TV programmes as well as their value-added service.

      3. Event Information System

      Assist the Olympic Organizing Committee of Beijing in fully cooperating with technological partner of cooperation appointed by the International Olympic Committee. Build a leading information system in the world for both Olympic and Paralympics which will meet the demands of the International Olympic Committee.

      4.Buildings Sympolizing Digital Olympics

      Build an Olympic hub of comprehensive information with the aim of providing multi-functional comprehensive services so as to support and ensure internet and inter-communicating, resources-sharing and commanding and decision-making among various information systems. After the Olympic Games, this hub can be used again as a commanding center for major activities in China and Beijing, and the control center of informatization for “Digital Beijing”.

      5. Comprehensive Pipelines for Olympic-Based Communication

      Make a unified plan of and build common pipelines for Olympic-based communication lines. Make rational use of space resources belonging to communication passage. Build telecom, cable TV and computer networks in a planned way so as to avoid repetition of construction of this kind. Make a unified plan of the increase of pipeline resources, make best use of their storage and provide fair services.

      6. Comprehensive Information Service for the Public

      Establish a comprehensive information service system for the public based on individuality, taking people as a dominant factor, conforming with international norms and demonstrating Chinese characteristics, and the need of the disabled and retarded for information service is taken into special consideration.

      Coordinate various social information resources such as accomodation, recreation and transportation. Establish information service data banks for the public. Make good use of such means as digital TV and broadcast, computer networks, mobile telecom facilities and telephones to ensure by and large that anybody at any time and in any place related to the Olympics can enjoy in a secure, convenient, swift and efficient manner the information service that is affordable, diversified, multi- linguistically intellectualized and individualized.

      Perfect service centres for customers of various types and promote in a positive manner unified action system for the society. Priority should be given to building information kiosks within easy reach of ordinary people, satellite-positioning (directional) system, giant-screen systems at public places, short-time weather forecast and warning system for small areas as well as (invented) Olympic museum.

      7. E-Business Platform for the Olympics

      Build and perfect the back-up environment for E-business. Establish back-up systems with international standards for certificate authority, payment and delivery of E-business needed in the services for the Olympics. Develop in a big way such E-business services as accommodation, catering, tourism and shopping helpful to the Olympics. Establish network systems of information about material resources which are efficient, fast, secure and accurate.

      8. Use of I.C.

      Making use of I.C. technology provides a secure, reliable, convenient and unified intellectual means for persons related to the Olympics in the process of multi-individualized information services such as the Olympic registration, certificate authority, payment and service.

      Promote the use of various cards such as communication card and bank card and formulate relevant policies. Establish card payment networks, terminal and their corresponding information applicable system throughout Beijing which meet the international standards and need for future development. Create a sound environment for card payment so as to provide all- dimens ional service for various payment and use during 2008 Olympics.

      9. Multi-Linguistic Intellectual Information Service

      Make use of artificial intelligence technology to understand natural languages so as to remove language barriers and offer multi-linguistic intellectual information service for the people related to the Olympics at any time, in any place and with facilities of various kinds. As a result, people can get to know each other with the help of this technology so that friendship and mutual understanding will be promoted and the goal of “people’s Olympics” better realized.

      10. Safeguards for Information Security and Comprehensive Security

      Establish insurance system for the Olympic information security, ensure the security for the Olympic networks and information and smooth functioning for various information systems and guard against such criminal acts as the attack from hackers and damage caused by viruses.

      Provide information and back-up technology for the Olympic networks and information security system so as to effectively impose supervision and control. Coordinate information resources in Beijing, establish comprehensive security information system so as to provide support for handling unexpected incidents, preventing terrorist activities and ensuring public security.

      11. Radio Control

      Strengthen overall planning of radio frequencies in order to make good preparations in terms of frequency for the Olympics and meet the need of Beijing and other 5 Olympic-event holding cities for radio frequencies so as to render service to the Olympics. Improve compatible analysis and test of frequency usage so as to prevent frequency interference. Speed up establishing the back-up system for radio management technology in Beijing, improve in an overall manner management of frequency spectrum, radio signal monitoring, interference analysis and testing capability for radio equipment. Control in an overall manner and purify electromagnetic environment so as to ensure normal function and use of radio communication facilities of various types.

      12. Project Management

      Build information system for project management, improve management standards concerning Olympic projects and strengthen unified and coordinated management and supervision over projects. Keep abreast of, collect and handle at any time the information about projects progress, quality, cost and unexpected incidents and offer support means for decision- making.

      Carry out system innovations to promote development of project management system toward standardization, scientization and internationalization.

      13. Back-up Information System for Construction and Function of Stadiums and Gymnasiums

      In accordance with functioning demand on the facilities of the Olympic stadiums and gymnasiums, intellectualized standards and norms must be drawn up for them. Improve intellectualized levels of stadiums and gymnasiums, make an overall planning of comprehensive line-fixing systems in stadiums and gymnasiums and build comprehensive monitoring system in these places so as to impose concentrated and visualized coordinated control and supervision over key facilities in them.

      Priority should be given to building virtual reality information system in stadiums and gymnasiums so as to render service to commanding and decision-making for leadership, coordinating work among various departments and participation of the whole nation.

      14. Platform for Sharing Commanding and Decision-Making Information

      Establish comprehensive information system for the Olympic construction in Beijing, and coordinate commands over all the Olympic project construction throughout the city. Combine such government departments related to the Olympic construction as planning, municipal construction, environmental protection, municipal administration, communication and information under Beijing Municipal Government in order to administer and supervise the progress of various Olympic projects, ensure coordination, totality and efficiency for the Olympic construction and provide sound ground for higher authorities to supervise and make decisions.

      Supported by building symbolizing Digital Olympics, make comprehensive and integrated use of information basic facilities for the Olympics such as digital trunk system and build a platform for sharing comprehensive command and decision-making information so as to realize interconnection and intercommunication of various information systems as well as sharing of information resources.

      15. Back-Up Environment for Informatization of Beijing

      Sound back-up environment for Beijing’s informatization is the basic support and guarantee for the success of “Digital Olympics”. In accordance with requirements for successfully hosting the Olympics, proper readjustment concerning “Tenth 5-Year” Programme for Beijing’s informatization must be made, building “Digital Beijing” sped up, priority given to the construction of Beijing’s informatization in the key fields and sectors such as comprehensive sector (E-government, and broad band and network connecting project), resource and environment, planning and construction and people’s economy all closely related to the Olympics so as to create powerful back-up environment for “Digital Olympics”.

      16. Key Technology and Information Industry

      Bring the role of “Digital Olympics” in promoting “Digital Beijing” into full play, and upgrade in an overall manner comprehensive standards of Beijing’s infomatization. Priority should be given to research in the key technologies such as highly efficient computer system, data storage with enormous capacity and processing technology, system-integrating technology, technology concerning natural interaction between man and machine, artificial intelligence technology, information security technology and technologies concerning sports management and competition informatization.

      Promote industrialized standards of such manufacturing industries as I.C. and I.C. corresponding equipment, information terminal equipment, digital media equipment, and sports digital equipment so as to give a push to the development of such industries as software, databasea, information system, information security, electronic game, and information service.

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