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Ⅰ.Objective and Strategy

      “Digital Olympics” is the epoch feature of “High-Tech Olympics”, developing means of “people’s Olympics” and important back-up of “Green Olympics”. In accordance with the objectives and tasks set in “Action Plan for Beijing Olympic Games”, this programme has been especially drawn up so as to provide best information service for 2008 Olympic Games by integrating with development strategy of informatization in Beijing.

      Ⅰ.Objective and Strategy

      1. Objective and Strategy

      The following is the overall objective of "Digital Olympics": ensuring successful hosting of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, establishing a comprehensive information service system based on individuality and tasking people as a dominant factor, conforming with international norms and demonstrating Chinese characteristic, speeding-up construction of "Digital Beijing", promoting industrial development and showing the standards and achievements of China's informatization.

      The imagery objective of "Digital Olympics" is: by and large ensuring that anybody at any time and in any place related to the Olympics can enjoy in a secure, convenient, swift and efficient manner the information service that is affordable, diversified, multi-linguistically intellectualized and individualized.

      2. Strategies

      Internationalized strategy: Aiming at top international standards, "international outlook, international talents and standards" are reflected in the process of making and implementing this programme. Strive for breakthrough in system and technological innovation. Strategy of applying advanced and matured technologies: Applying advanced, matured, secure and reliable technologies so as to ensure all work will go on smoothly during the Olympic Games.

      Strategy based on taking people as a dominant factor: Taking into full consideration the needs of every Olympic participant so as to meet his individualized need.

      Strategy for the central and municipal governments to join: The central& municipal governments join forces so as to share resources for better results.

      Strategy for promoting industries: Promote the development of information industry by making use of "Digital Olympics" opportunity.

      Strategy for sustainable development: Various facilities built by "Digital Olympics" will not only play an important role during the Olympic Games, b ut also continue to be used for a long time after the Olympic Games so that sustainable development can be achieved.


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