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3.Philosophy for the Design of Venues

      The philosophy for the design of the Olympic venues is to meet the requirements for competitions and to be good in function yet not luxurious. The designs will be made to satisfy the requirements of the International Sports Federations and conform to relevant national laws and regulations. The special needs of athletes with physical disabilities will also be taken into consideration.

      High technologies will be extensively adopted in the design of the venues. We will provide comprehensive information services at the Olympic Games by making full use of digital network technology, distant audio-visual transmission technology and video technology. Cleaner energies, environment-friendly building materials, and energy saving technologies such as rainwater collection, gray water utilization, natural ventilation and natural lighting will be extensively used to protect natural environment and save resources.

      Venues will be built to be safe, comfortable, and good for post-Games use. Venue designs will center on the needs of people and the provision of safe, comfortable space and facilities to the spectators. Completed infrastructure and supporting facilities will be available for each venue. Venues will be designed to be multi-functional and adaptable for post-Games use. Furthermore, special efforts will be made in traffic planning to ensure that convenient and speedy transport service can be provided in any circumstances.

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