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Rogge confident of successful games in 2008 (photo attached)

  BEIJING, Nov. 1 (Xinhuanet) -- International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge on Monday exuded with confidence of the 2008 Olympic Games, saying he has "no concerns" at all at this stage.

  "The organization was excellent, and everything was on schedule," Rogge told a press conference after he concluded a three-day visit to the host city of the 2008 Olympics.

  Rogge paid an inspection tour of some venues planned for the 2008 Games upon his arrival in the Chinese capital on Saturday, and also held talks with Chinese president Hu Jintao and officials of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympics (BOCOG).

  "We are now halfway in preparation time for Beijing and this is always a very crucial period. It is a period where you have to move from pure planning to the operational mode," said Rogge.

  Rogge said the successful transition from planning to operation was, in fact, the key to success of the games in Sydney, in Salt Lake City and in Athens.

  "We know our Chinese friends will succeed in this transition, too," he said.

  When asked why the IOC is always confident about the Beijing Games, Rogge took the Athens Olympics as an example, saying it is the IOC who knows the "facts".

  "In spite of wide skepticism and unfair criticism of the world media who said Athens would never be ready and the Athens Games would be a disaster, we always expressed our confidence because weknew the facts.

  "That's because the Coordination Commission is doing a excellent job. It is examining all the facts and is working with the organizers. I had confidence in Athens because I knew that the Greeks would be capable of staging an excellent games," said Rogge.

  Doubts and construction delays had dogged the run-up to the Athens Games since the Greek capital won its Olympic bid in 1997.

  But Greece managed to get everything ready in the last minute and deliver a splendid Olympics, which was dubbed "unforgettable, dream games" by Rogge.

  "Here in Beijing, I had an excellent report from Mr. (Hein) Verbruggen. His reports that are really in-depth reassure us," added the IOC chief.

  The 16-member IOC's Coordination Commission headed by Verbruggen last week had a three-day meeting with the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Games (BOCOG).

  They held in-depth talks with BOCOG's various departments, reviewing the progress of the city's preparations for the 2008 Games in the fields like sport, marketing and ticketing, finance and logistics, Olympic Village and services to National Olympic Committees.

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