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2. Plan and Design of the Olympic Green

      The Olympic Green, located at the north end of the central axis of the city, occupies an area of 1,135 hectares, which contains a forest park of 680 hectares and a central area of 405 hectares for the Games. The Olympic Green, supplemented by the venues and facilities for the Asian Games, will boast convenient transport, concentrated population, good urban infrastructure, and well developed service facilities for commercial and cultural activities, etc. In the planning of the Olympic Green, we will bear in mind the long-term development of the city and the needs of the citizens for material and cultural life, making it a multi-functional public center for sports, meetings, exhibitions, entertainment and shopping, with broad space and landscaped surroundings.

      The major venues to be built in the Olympic Green include:

      National Stadium: with a seating capacity of 80,000 people, it will be the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics and football finals.

      National Indoor Stadium: with a seating capacity of 18,000 people, it will be the venue for Gymnastics, handball, and volleyball finals. It will be a multi-functional structure.

      National Swimming Center: with a seating capacity of 18,000 people, it will be the main venue for swimming competitions. It will serve as a public sports center after the Olympic Games.

      Other related facilities to be built in the Olympic Green include:

      Olympic Village: with complete supporting facilities, the Olympic Village will contain 360,000 square meters of apartments available to the athletes, coaches and team officials during the Games. These apartments will be sold as commercial housing after the Games.

      Other facilities: a number of other buildings will also be planned and built in the Green, which will serve as the competition venues for table tennis, badminton, fencing and wrestling and as the Main Press Center (MPC) and the International Broadcasting Center (IBC).After the Games, these buildings will be turned into convention and exhibition centers and cultural facilities, such as Capital Youth Palace and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, etc. In addition, other supporting service facilities will also be available for accommodation, commerce, and offices, etc.

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