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5、Guarantee Measures

      Major tasks of the Olympic S&T; construction plan are all related to key problem of technology whether the 2008 Olympics will succeed in its sponsorship. And it is necessary that practical measures be taken to guarantee the implementing of above-mentioned plan.

      (1) Strengthen Leadership and Form Resultant Force

      Establish the leading team of "the High-tech Olympic Action Plan "which is composed of main leaders of participated units of the Action Plan, the Olympics Science and Technology Committee is set up in Beijing, its chief members of the leading team are primary within the Olympics Organization Committee. Establishment of system of joint meeting of leading team and a system of liaison man's circulating a notice of information and a system of experts' consultation etc. This forms a high effective operational working mechanism of multiple sectors 'division of labor and coordination of work, which can solve the practical problems of the Olympics, by use of S&T; resources and can effectively explore the requirement for the Olympic Science and Technology. <

      (2) Bring into A Plan and Guarantee Input

      Correct handling of the relationship between the High-Tech Olympic Plan and the Beijing " the 10th Five-years Plan of Science and Technology. We shall further greatly support the projects relevant to the Olympics, which are already arranged in the Beijing, "the 10th Five-years Plan of Science and Technology and pay attention to the time effect of implementing the project, guarantee to timely serve the Olympics. And actively coordinate with relevant national sectors, the projects of the High-Tech Olympic Plan will be brought into such plans as the High-Tech Research and Development (863) Programme, the Key Technologies R&D; Programme, the 973 programme, the intellectual innovation project, National Natural Science Fund and the plan of military transferring civil use etc, and guarantee the input of science and technology.

      (3) Join A complete Set and Open Up Implementation

      Establishment and implementation of the Olympic S&T; Construction Plan is related to sports, traffic, communications, environment protection and others. This is a complex system project, we should intensify the work of Joining a complete set of the Olympics S&T; construction Plan and the other plans for specific projects of the Olympics. According to the requirement for S&T; progress and the development of the Olympics construction, we should highlight the opening up and dynamics of the Olympics S&T; work and actively adopt the mode of bidding and inviting tenders and completely Plan this work and implement it by batches, by stages and in succession. Recently we primarily lock 84 projects of science and technology closely related to the Olympics and emphatically implement them. These will be adjusted and supplemented in succession later on.

      (4) Pool the Wisdom of the Masses and Stress Innovation

      We set up an "Olympic S&T; Innovation Experts Group" which is organized by the experts from the fields of science and technology, sport, art and management, who will study and evaluate the possibility of the up-to-date technologies being applied to the Olympics, because these technologies such as information technology, digitalization technology etc. develop very rapidly. And we should collect the innovation of the Olympics science and technology and widely collect the train of thought of innovation how new/Hi-Tech achievements will be applied to the Olympics and attract attention of the circle of science and technology to widely join the implementation of the construction work of the Olympics science and technology.

      (5) Strengthen International scientific and technological Cooperation

      Advanced international technologies should be introduced, digested and absorbed to apply to the Olympics. Through Chinese divisions of science and technology of Embassies and consulates in foreign countries, oversea experts and consultants group and other channels we should strengthen omnibearing international S & T cooperation, especially the linkage with countries that held the Olympics in the past and learn their successful experience.

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