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4. Major Tasks

      According to the requirements for the Olympic Games, in combination with the specific plans for construction of the Beijing Olympic Games and in consideration of the trend of science and technology in the future for six years we optimize a batch of projects in the fields of traffic and transport, clean energy, environmental protection sports ground and gym or stadium for the Olympic Games, information communication, safety of the Olympic Games, science and technology of sports, opening and (closing) ceremonies as well as science popularization and Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Zone etc., optimize a batch of the projects and integrate S&T; resources at home and abroad and implement them by stages and in groups, and in succession.

      (1) Traffic and Transport

      We shall make a breakthrough of some key technologies in intelligent traffic, clean automobile and track traffic etc., and demonstrate and popularize them, and provide the Olympic Games with a speedy, safe and clean traffic service system

      Intelligent Traffic

      In aspects of traffic program and traffic management, we shall adopt the 3S based core technology and build a high effective intelligent traffic network system. We emphatically carry out Beijing intelligent traffic system (I T S) plan , study advanced traffic management system (ATMS), develop and apply traffic emergency handling system, and demonstrate and apply the Olympic Games' traffic intelligent management and dispatch system etc .

      Clean Automobile

      Around the technical bottleneck of adopted and popularized electric motor automobile and new type clean fuel automobile we should strengthen technical study, and by the year 2008, and ensure that during the Olympic Games the bus that is used to meet and see off sportsman or sportswoman, or special vehicles and partial public traffic vehicles will be adopted as electric motor automobiles in the Olympic Games' ground, so Beijing will be a demonstrative city of used electric motor automobile in China, and ensure most of bus and hired cab will use clean fuel and make bus exhaust reach the standard of international current bus pollutant discharge in Beijing city.

      We shall emphasize to develop and demonstrate electric motor automobiles, and research their industrialization and power Lithium ion battery and key materials. And develop and demonstrate CNG and LPG clean fuel automobiles. We are engaged in researching into the application of the technology of controlling the pollutant discharged by tail' gas of ultra-low discharged mixed dynamic automobile and vehicles and bus clean fuel technology etc.

      Urban Road System

      We shall solve the key technology of such track traffic projects as subway and light-weight track so as to promote the structural adjustment of Beijing road system and passenger traffic line and reduce bus traffic pressure.

      We shall emphasize the development, popularization and application of field construction technology of subway available for Beijing geological condition and feature of urban construction, and the study and application of viaduct structure of track traffic and the application of shock absorption and noise reduction technology of urban track traffic.

      (2) Clean Energy

      Adjustment of Energy

      Structure We rely on the progress of science and technology and conduct the research and application of technology of clean and high effective energy and promote the adjustment of energy structure of Beijing city. We strive to make Beijing form a clean, high effective and low cost energy utilization structure by 2008.

      We emphasize to study and demonstrate the clean coal technology (including water coal slurry, micro coal powder and sulfurization bed etc.), develop, demonstrate and apply the cleaning technology of boiler smoke and exhaust, and natural gas cool and thermal power union supply system.

      Utilization of Regenerated Energy

      Solar energy, earth heat and wind energy etc. can be developed and utilized to a high degree in the Olympic Games' facilities. And around the Olympic Games' sports ground and gym or stadium 80 to 90 percent road lamps can use solar energy photovoltaic generating technology, and 90 percent bathing thermal water in the Olympic Village, can be supplied by use of solar energy heat concentrating technology.

      We emphasize to make a study and demonstration and application of solar energy utilization technology, and develop the application technology of earth heat resource utilized in the Olympic Games' sports ground and gym or stadium, and develop the demonstration project of wind-driven generation in key zone.

      (3) Environmental Protection

      We shall greatly raise the level of the work of environmental protection in Beijing through the development, demonstration and popularization of key and common technologies of sand protection and control and air pollution control, water resource protection and sustainable utilization, and comprehensive control of solid wastes etc.

      Sand Protection and Control of Capital Circle

      We shall make a study and demonstration of common technology about sand protection and control in the capital circle and broaden the zone of technical demonstration, establish the technical system which can effectively contain the trend of the desert in the capital circle, forming a mode of massive popularization and make the control rate of the desert of Beijing city able to reach 100 percent by 2008.

      We shall emphatically study the layout and planning and control mode of ecological construction of sand protection and control, and research and apply optimized plantation of indeciduous forest and grass, and selection and breeding of indeciduous plant for sand protection and control and drought resistance and its facility and technology. We make the study and application of airborne dust control technology on urban bare land, and shall construct the zone of application and demonstration of sand protection and control technology etc.

      Air Pollution Control

      We should strengthen Beijing's meteorological observation and monitoring and artificial control research and make contributions to completely raising the level of atmospheric quality in Beijing by way of study, development and application of current S & T integrated achievements and key technologies.

      We shall emphatically make a study of prediction and forecast of air pollution nearby Beijing suburb, the trend of nitroxide pollution of Beijing and its key control technology and its application. And we study the ozone formation mechanism and its control approach and Halon substitution technology of consuming the substance of the ozonosphere, and Beijing fine particle airborne dust control technology and its application, and Beijing hot island effect control technology and its application, the countermeasures of pollution control of urban road traffic, and the technology of controlling the discharge of volatile organic substance and others.

      Water Resource Protection and Sustainable Utilization

      Aiming at actual condition of water resource and water system planning in Beijing, we study the major and key technologies of the protection of drinking water resource, the control of water pollution and water quality improvement etc. and their applications .

      We emphatically demonstrate the technology of controlling wind and sand in the upper reaches of Guanting reservoir and construct the conserving forest in the water source. Present project also covers as follows: the study of technology of controlling the pollution in the zone of Guanting reservoir and in the lower reaches and its application, the protection of water resource of Miyun reservoir, the study of technology system of protection of drinking water source of Beijing, the development and application of technology of constructing the Olympic Village water system, and the study of a scheme of reused back water from Beijing sewage treatment plant and the treatment technology as well as water saving in residential quarter and projects of demonstration and application of the technology of cleaning water.

      Comprehensive Harnessing of Solid Waste

      We shall strengthen the research and application of the technology of comprehensive harnessing of solid wastes from industry, medical use and living refuse, and urban refuse will harmlessly be treated completely , and refuse resources will reach 30 percent total by 2008.

      This project covers as follows: emphatic development of technology and equipment of utilization and treatment of harmless urban living refuse resource, and living refuse industrialization and automatic control of compost and complete technology of production of high quality lawn manure (basal manure), the development of complete technology and heavy-duty equipment for incineration of living refuse in big cities , and the technology of treating hazardous wastes and its demonstration etc .

      Meteorology and Earthquake

      According to the meteorological and geological characteristics in the zone of Beijing during the Olympic Games and aiming at possible occurrence of meteorological and earthquake disaster, we shall make a study of the technology of meteorological guarantee and earthquake forecasting, forming a preparatory scheme or program of prevention for reliable countermeasures which will provide the guarantee of meteorology and earthquake resistance for successful Olympics.

      We shall conduct scientific test and research on meteorological guarantee of the Olympics and shall study the early warning of disaster weather and preparatory scheme for countermeasures and earthquake prediction and emergency preparatory scheme etc .

      (4) Olympic Sports Ground and Gym or Stadium

      By means of up-to-date integrated technologies the Olympic village and Olympic Sports Ground and Gym or stadium etc. will be made to become a marking and demonstrating project that embodies the green, S & T and humane Olympic ideas.

      This project includes as follows: focal emphasis of study and development of key technologies of intelligent building and demonstration project, the development of frequency control and energy saving technologies and demonstration application, development and application of new building materials and local temperature control technology in the ground and gym and solar energy photoelectric and photo-thermal technologies and the consistency of light of the lamps in the stadium, and more support technology of ultra- depth base, and large span steel structure construction technology, watering construction protection (utilization) technology and comprehensive technology of utilization of waste residue of building materials etc.

      (5) Information Communication

      We shall trace the foremost frontier of international information technology (IT) and shall meet the technical requirements for the Olympics for communication, information processing and broadcast and TV etc. and shall provide the Olympics with advanced, safe and steady service of message telecom.

      Information System of Digital Communication

      In the fields of the Olympic communication, message processing, broadcast and TV, by way of new generation digital communication and integrated innovation of technology of message processing we shall build a high-speed reliable digital news information system and other information systems so as to provide a reliable guarantee for collecting, collating, disseminating and transmitting a variety of the Olympic information.

      This project includes as follows: emphatic development and application of mini-satellite design, and the development of digital news information system at the Olympic press centers, and the research on key technology of High speed information demonstration network, and Beijing space information project and multiple languages intelligent information service system, and digital Olympics-based information service software and high speed data transmission technology and demonstration project of city access network as well as the development and application of high light color display material and device, the development and application of digital cable TV system (transmission and reception ), and high definition digital television (HDTV) etc. we shall energetically develop the mobile communication technology of the third generation.

      Software and Intelligent Management System (IMS) for Competition

      By comprehensive application of computer, communication, photo-electricity and sense etc. we shall develop a variety of software relative to the Olympics and build the information management system for the Olympic competition, develop and adopt the network computer (NC) technology and provide a mass, high speed , safe and steady information management platform for the Olympics, linking the press information system and provide timely, fast and convenient information service for the sportsman or sportswoman and the Olympic working personnel and the public.

      This project covers as follows: study of the information system for the Olympic competition and key technology and mobile communication-aided support based computer-aided Judge system, the Olympic comprehensive information consultative service system, and mass data storage and processing technology and development of LINUX based network office automation software etc.

      Safety of Information

      Making of scientific safe model and working out of a comprehensive network safety protocol suitable to Chinese condition. These can provide technology and method for network monitoring and management. And construction of advanced first-rate international information safety system can provide the guarantee for successful sponsoring the Olympics and economic and social development in Beijing.

      This project covers as follows: key construction of National Information Safety Industry Base, and the study of key technology of information safety (hologram identification technology, network CA identification) and counter measures system , and the encryption technique of electronic information and the realization of dynamic password latched system etc .

      (6) Safety of the Olympic Games

      Combined with the requirements for the Olympic and social safety, aiming at the occurrence of new safety problem in the new period we integrate the international up-to-date S & T achievements and develop the new type safety equipment and device and material and employ the most novel achievements of biological technique and build a base of production of green food, and will supply an omnibearing and absolute safety guarantee.

      Main study of development of portable detector for explosive and dangerous material (instead of police dog) and technique of search and detection, and safety check at air port and playground and gym or stadium and other public places, and emergency decision making system for hazardous chemicals and implementation of Beijing public first-aid system (the 999 system) and fire disaster at the Olympic playground and gym or stadium, and linkage command control system (fire control system), and the safety evaluation, safety system and emergency preparatory scheme or program of prevention in the Olympic village and its periphery, and countermeasure technique of biological safety, and technique and standard system of production and detection of green food, and the construction of the base of production and demonstration of green food etc.

      (7) Science and Technology for Sport

      Starting from the difficult points and key points we adopt modern S&T; idea, means and integrate advanced scientific methods of training, and completely raise the level of scientific training of sportsman or sportswoman and sport competition.

      Scientific Training and Sports Equipment

      Around the monitoring of the training and manufacturing of sports equipment, the evaluation of players' function and the prevention from players' wound disease we make a study of players' nutrition and recovery, and develop advanced sports equipment and material, and construct the base of scientific training and the system of scientific training for competitive sport and the complete service system of high-level medical recovery etc.

      This project includes as follows: the major study of scientific monitoring of players' training and of collection of physical training information, and of analytical system, and the comprehensive application and demonstration of advanced technique of training, and competition training and its development of equipment and material, and the study of scientific selection of players and of the injury function for sport and its adjustment, and of the method of quick curing of wound of human body, and recovery of players' physical efficiency and supplement of their nutrition, and of the function of occurrence and recovery of sport fatigue, and establishment of the normal of diet RDA players of physical efficiency and scientific interference etc.

      Doping Agency Detection

      Through the study of relevant technique of detection of doping agency we shall develop a precise convenient detector for doping agency and other equipment to meet the requirement for the Olympics to detect doping agency.

      We shall emphatically study and apply the technique of unti-doping agency and develop the detection equipment for doping agency.

      (8) Opening and (Closing) ceremonies of the Olympic Games

      By use of China's original and advanced international technical achievements and in close combination with the idea of the humane Olympics we shall create the complete new opening and (closing) ceremonies of the Olympic Games by High-Tech means.

      We shall emphatically study the technical innovation of the ceremonies and the application of three dimensions fictitious reality technique to the ceremonies.

      (9) Science Popularization

      We shall construct the science popularization facilities, perfect the science popularization system in urban communities, develop the masses activities of science popularization, popularize scientific knowledge as well as propagate scientific thoughts and methods, and lift the peoples' quality of science and culture.

      We shall popularize and propagate the Olympic intellectual property and the Olympic knowledge, publish a series of books of the Olympic scientific popular knowledge and build a community of popular science and science popularization system etc.

      (10) Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Zone

      At this juncture of the Olympics, taking the requirements for the Olympic science and technology as a motive force, we shall further advance the construction of innovation system of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Zone and capital area, and promote the development of new/high-tech industrial colony and exhibit the level of Chinese new/high-tech industries to the world.

      This project includes as follows: key construction of the incubator base of software industry of the High-Tech Research and Development (863) programme, and the construction of Zhongguancun Software Park, Zhongyuancun Life science and Technology Park, Returned Students Pioneering Park, Zhongguancun Environment Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base, Northern Shangdi Quarter as well as Western Zhongguancun Quarter and the Industrialization (Beijing) Base of National Integrated Circuit.

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