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New BOCOG Executive Board Holds First Meeting After Reshuffle(photo attached)

(From left to right) Deng Pufang, Liu Peng, Liu Qi, and Wang Qishan at the 50th session of the BOCOG Executive Board.

  The new Executive Board of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) held the first meeting on January 6, 2005 after it was reshuffled by the Chinese government.

  On the meeting, BOCOG President Liu Qi announced the names and positions of the members of the new BOCOG leadership.

  The new leadership of BOCOG are as follows:

  President: Liu Qi, who is also Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC;

  Vice-President: Chen Zhili, who is also State Councilor;

  Executive Presidents:

  Liu Peng, who is also Director of the State General Administration of Sports;

  Wang Qishan, who is also Beijing Mayor;

  Deng Pufang, who is also Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Disabled Persons;

  Executive Vice Presidents:

  Liu Jingmin;Li Zhijian;Wang Wei;Yu Zaiqing;Duan Shijie;Jiang Xiaoyu;Zhang Mao;Li Binghua;Yang Shu’an;Tang Xiaoquan.

  BOCOG President Liu Qi said the reshuffle of the Executive Board is aimed to strengthen the BOCOG leadership so as to better perform future job in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.

  Liu said the new BOCOG Executive Board, consisting of officials from both local and central governments, will be able to better coordinate the activities of BOCOG, departments of the central government, the State General Administration of Sports and the Beijing municipal government. He said the new BOCOG leadership will greatly improve its capacity in managing various resources in such areas as venue construction, market development, cultural activities, sports competitions, technical system development, logistic service, human resources, financial operation, legal support, auditing and supervision.

  Liu said the new BOCOG leadership has become slimmer and more efficient as independent units or teams are to be formed to manage the development of different specific Olympic venues. He said various units within BOCOG will be better coordinated under the new leadership and act as one organization.

  Liu said the new leadership has clarified the division of work and further specified their respective functions and responsibilities. Therefore, BOCOG will be able to meet the requirements of rapid personnel expansion this year.

  Liu welcomed Chen Zhili,.Liu Peng and other new members to join the BOCOG Executive Board.

  Chen Zhili said at the meeting that relevant government departments should enhance coordination and cooperation in preparation for the Olympic Games. She said China should take the opportunity of the Olympic Games to promote public participation in sports and health activities.

  Liu Peng, Wang Qishan, and Deng Pufang also spoke at the meeting. Beijing Vice-Mayor and BOCOG Executive Vice-President Liu Jingmin, top official of State General Administration of Sports and BOCOG Executive Vice-President Li Zhijian and other BOCOG Executive Vice-Presidents Wang Wei, Duan Shijie, Jiang Xiaoyu, Zhang Mao, Li Binghua, Yang Shu’an and Tang Xiaoquan attended the meeting.

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