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Beijing Offers Economic Incentives for Environment Protection

  Beijing Municipal Government has paid 400 million to 600 million yuan of subsidies every year to enterprises and individuals who replaced coal with natural gas as fuel of burners over the past few years, a municipal official said recently.

  Wang Kai, director of the General Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (BJEPB), said the city has used various subsidies, fines and administrative charges as incentives to encourage the use of clean fuels among enterprises and citizens.

  The city reduces or exempts water or electricity fees on users of clean fuels. In addition, it has raised charges on emission of sulfur dioxide and other waste gases.

  Meanwhile, the city offer lower electricity prices for people who live in preserved traditional compounds, so as to encourage them to use electric heating rather than coal burning.

  Since a major part of the city’s air pollution comes from car emissions, Beijing has adopted stricter emission standards than the national rules to reduce air pollution. In addition, it charges higher parking fees in downtown areas in order to encourage the use of public transportation.

  Wang said these economic measures have proved effective in improving the air quality of Beijing.

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