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New BOCOG Executive Board Holds First Meeting After Reshuffle
BOCOG Looks for a New Olympic Theme Slogan
Review of Major News about Preparation for Beijing Olympics in 2004(photos attached) [2005-01-09]
BOCOG Helps School Students to Have Good Manners(Photos attached) [2005-01-07]
New BOCOG Executive Board Holds First Meeting After Reshuffle(photo attached) [2005-01-06]
New Year Gift for Beijing: 229 Days with “Blue Sky” [2005-01-01]
Construction of National Stadium Back On Track [2004-12-31]
BOCOG Looks for a New Olympic Theme Slogan(photo attached) [2004-12-27]
Invitation to the News Briefing on the Campaign to solicit and Select themes for the 2008 Olympic Games [2004-12-23]
Beijing to Select 2008 Olympic Mascots from 662 Designs [2004-12-14]
BOCOG to Release “Guidelines on Pre-Game Training for the Beijing Olympic Games” [2004-12-14]
Beijing Confident on Traffic Management for the Olympic Games
News Briefing on 2004 Beijing Traffic Management Held in the Olympic Press Centre(Photo Attached)
Call for Mascot Designs for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Ends [2004-12-02]
Beijing Calls for Olympic Songs(photo attached) [2004-11-30]
Beijing’s Promotional Film Wins Top Prize at International Gala(photo attached) [2004-11-30]
Beijing to Stop Soliciting Designs of Olympic Mascots on Dec.1 [2004-11-26]
NGO Helps Hotels’ Energy Saving Effort with Reminding Cards (photo attached) [2004-11-15]
Beijing Mayor Discusses Olympic Broadcasting with US TV Network NBC (photo attached) [2004-11-11]
Beijing Discusses City Development with Olympic Experts (photo attached) [2004-11-06]
Historical Relics Show Wins Hearts of Athens, Beijing (photos attached) [2004-11-05]
Beijing Forum Highlights High-tech Application in Olympics(photo attached) [2004-11-05]
Heiberg Visits BOCOG Partners (photos attached) [2004-11-04]
Heiberg: BOCOG to Establish “Partners Club” [2004-11-04]
Heiberg Speaks Highly of BOCOG Market Development [2004-11-04]
Athen lessons successfully shared in Beijing(photo attached) [2004-11-03]
Rogge confident of successful games in 2008 (photo attached) [2004-11-01]
President Hu: China prepares for 2008 Olympics(photo attached) [2004-11-01]
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