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Turin 2006 welcomes Neve and Gliz!(photo attached)


  28 September 2004

  Neve and Gliz are the names of the mascots for the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin. The mascots were presented today in Rome, with exactly 500 days remaining until the opening of the Games. Neve represents snowball, while Gliz represents ice cube.

  Complementary characters

  Neve and Gliz are complementary characters: they represent the two elements without which the Olympic Winter Games cannot take place: snow and ice; and they personify the essence of winter sports: the harmony and elegance of the movements made in sport (with the fluid and rounded shapes of Neve) and the power and strength of the athletes (the angular and smooth shapes of Gliz).

  New generation

  The two mascots are the symbol of a new generation, full of energy that loves and lives sport and the positive challenges of life.

  500 days to go

  "Neve and Gliz," stated TOROC President Valentino Castellani, "will accompany us for the next 500 days as we approach the Olympic Winter Games".

  Portuguese designer

  Neve and Gliz were born from the pencil of the Portuguese designer Pedro Albuquerque, 38, who won the international competition, organised by TOROC, on 25 March 2003. "It was just an aesthetic passion, together with research on the sites of the Olympic Games, the Italian spirit, the Olympic values and the technical characteristics of the various sports disciplines of the Olympic Games, which inspired the creative process that gave birth to Neve and Gliz", Albuquerque said.

  Protagonist of a cartoon

  Neve and Gliz will also be the stars of a cartoon, co-produced by RAI and Lanterna Magica, which will be broadcast on Italian TV channels RAI 2 and RAI 3 in 52 one-minute episodes between October 2005 and February 2006.

  On sale

  Starting from tomorrow, the official products of Turin 2006 portraying Neve and Gliz will be on sale at authorised stores and at the Turin Olympic Store. They can also be purchased on the Internet at the site www.olympicstore.it.

  Next step: ticket sale

  The launch of the mascots was the first in a series of steps that in the coming months will take Turin 2006 among the people, together with the launch of ticket sales on 4 November, the presentation of the Torch Relay in Rome on 7 December, and the international sports events that will take place on 14 January 2005, with the European Short Track Championships at the Palavela of Turin.


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