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1. Guiding Principles

      It is an excellent opportunity for Beijing to sponsor the 2008 Olympic Games for the development of science and technology in Beijing. In order to ensure its success and fully play the support role in science and technology we work out this plan aiming at requirements for science and technology of the Olympic Games and combining the general layout of Beijing "the 10th Five-years Plan of Science and Technology and joining a complete set of the "High-Tech Olympic Action Plan(2008)".

      1. Guiding Principles

      We hold on the policy of science and technology aiding the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games promoting the development of science and technology", starting from the requirements of the Olympic Games organize national S&T; force ,collect national S&T; achievements, introduce and digest and absorb advanced international technologies, and make the Beijing Olympic Games become a magnificent sports meet of High-Tech content. At the same time, by way of this opportunity improve the innovative ability of science and technology in Beijing and raise the level of science and technology serving economic and social development and promote its jumping development of science and technology.

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