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BOCOG Helps School Students to Have Good Manners(Photos attached)

  Olympic champion Zhang Guozheng joined some 900 school students at the Jingshan School in Beijing to launch an educational campaign on promoting politeness and good manners amongst the young people on January 7, 2005. The boys and girls, representing all school students in the city, received new books entitled “School Students Manual of Amenity” and “New Children’s Rhymes” from the Olympic champion and BOCOG Executive Vice-President Jiang Xiaoyu.

  The campaign, with the theme of “Passion for the Olympics: My Courtesy and Charm”, was jointly sponsored by the Culture and Ceremonies Department of BOCOG and the Beijing municipal government.

  According to Long Xinmin from the municipal government, the campaign is designed to help develop good manners and habits among school children, such as taking the initiative to say ‘Hello’ to people, being more understanding and tolerant of others, showing respect for elders and teachers and also showing pride in singing the National Anthem aloud in public.

  The campaign will go on for the next three years till 2008.

Olympic Champion Zhang Guozheng (first from the right), Long Xinmin (third from the right) and Jiang Xiaoyu (second from the right) present students with books.
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