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3. Strategic Principles

      a) Encouraging the whole nation to participate in the preparation for the Olympic Games - we will make the Olympic Games a great event shared by the whole nation in order to promote the development of all the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. We will bring into full play the initiative and creativity of all citizens in an effort to host an excellent Olympic Games. To make the Olympic Games a success, we will also actively seek the assistance from the ministries of the State Council, the State General Administration of Sports, other provinces and cities as well as compatriots of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese.

      b) Taking the hosting of the Olympic Games as a part of the modernization drive - the Olympic Games will give impetus to the development of the city, which will, in return, contribute to the success of the Olympic Games. The modernization drive in the capital will be accelerated in line with "the 10th Five-year Plan" and the "New Three-Step" Development Strategy of Beijing, which will lay a solid economic foundation for the Olympic Games. In the preparation for the Olympic Games, we will adhere to the principle of running the Games in a frugal manner and pay attention to the post-Games use of the sports facilities, in an effort to gain better investment returns and avoid repetitive construction.

      c) Hosting the Olympic Games to promote the opening-up - in the preparation for the Games, we will be open in every aspect to the rest of the country and the whole world. We will draw on the successful experience of others and follow the advanced international standards and criteria. We aim to upgrade the opening-up of Beijing to a new level, through the hosting of the Olympic Games, and display to the world a new image of China, which is developing rapidly and opening wider to the outside world.

      d) Hosting the Olympic Games to promote the social civility-we will implement the "Guidelines for Citizen Moral Improvement", and take measures to eliminate the socially inappropriate conducts. We will advocate a healthy, scientific and civilized life style, improve the citizens' ability to communicate in foreign languages, and enrich the citizens' science and cultural knowledge. We will improve the service quality and service level of various trades. All these will constitute a friendly, stable, encouraging and peaceful environment for the Olympic Games.

      e)Hosting the Olympic Games to improve people's living standard-the Olympic Games will give impetus to economic development and urban construction and management, and bring about increasing benefits for the people. We will make the preparations for the Olympic Games a process of substantially improving the people's living standard, both materially and culturally.

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