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2.Strategic Objectives

      Staging a best-ever Olympic Games in history - the Olympic spirit will be spread and popularized most extensively with the active participation of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. Sports facilities will meet all the technical standards for the Olympic Games and the main stadium and other key venues will be developed with state-of-the-art technology. Competitions will be well organized, providing excellent conditions for the athletes. All services provided at the Games will be user-friendly and convenient. Latest high-tech achievements, which prove to be reliable, will be adopted at the Olympic Games. Entertainment activities, which demonstrate the profoundness of the Chinese culture and its ever-lasting charm, will be organized to constitute a unique opportunity where the East meets the West. Tight, but friendly and peaceful, security measures will be implemented to ensure safety of the Games. While drawing on the experience of the host cities of previous Olympic Games, creativity will be emphasized in organization, management and marketing so as to maximize the economic and social benefit.

      Promoting the modernization of Beijing as well as the rest of the country - we aim at maximizing the positive impacts of the Olympic Games on national economic development and accelerating the modernization drive of the country. We will strive for a breakthrough in the capital in terms of economic development, urban construction, social progress and people's living standard, so that, by 2008, the per capita GDP of Beijing will exceed $6,000 and the economic, urban and social development will be drastically accelerated.

      Creating a new image of Beijing - we will take the Olympic construction projects as a vehicle to carry forward the reform and opening-up of the city. The principle of fair entry and fair competition will be followed in order to form a socialist market economy, which conforms to international practice. Our policy making and legislation systems will be optimized and the protection of intellectual property rights will be enhanced. We will train and employ high-quality personnel and we will learn the advanced management concepts and expertise from other countries. In government work, we will adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, efficiency and honesty. In the preparation for and operation of the Olympic Games, we will be more practical and effective in an endeavor to set a good example of being innovative in system, mechanism and management.

      Striving for an all-round and concerted development in China's sports - we will endeavor to drastically upgrade the management and the scientific research of China's competitive sports, creating a strong team of organizers and managers for sports activities, a large number of researchers and coaches who excel in selecting and training athletes, and a large number of outstanding and promising athletes. While aiming at participating in all the sports and more events at the 2008 Olympic Games, we will make efforts for a breakthrough in the total number of gold medals and a noticeable improvement in the overall strength of China's sports. We will implement the "National Sports For All Program" to improve the physical quality and fitness of the whole population. We will enhance sports legislation, further promote the reform of its administration and speed up its socialization and industrialization so as to achieve a sustainable, speedy and healthy development of sports.

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